Thursday, July 23, 2015

Making The Cut - Finding The Right Hairdresser in Dubai

Moving to a new city or location often forces us to build new connections to replace the ones we've left behind. In my case, a trustworthy hair cutting professional. For someone who likes her hair to stay above shoulder length most of the time, i never realised how hard it would be to find stylists willing enough to cut hair that short.

And thus, a list explaining my needs was created. This list will definitely differ in terms of an ideal stylist, but there are some general expectations i have yet to experience in this city. Before reading on though, keep in mind that everything on this list was already experienced from frequently paying a visit to a single stylist for five years straight; till i left Bombay and moved to Dubai. Which is why i'd like to meet one here who is...

1. Not pricey
I don't see why anyone should have to pay more than AED 50 for a decent haircut. To create a simple style, a stylist need only use a pair of scissors, clips, a spray bottle of water and a blow dryer. Asking for AED 250 for just that and not even following instructions on length or style is just ripping people off.

2. Genuinely friendly
This might seem like it shouldn't feature on this list or like i'm asking for too much. It's not. In fact, it would increase my chances of a repeat visit if the person cutting my hair has a decent set of communication skills and knows how to use it. For someone who is used to a chatty person since their every first visit, Dubai has so far been comparatively disappointing. Still hunting, though.

3. Unafraid to cut hair short
This is the main beef i have with hair professionals i've experienced with in Dubai. It's almost like they cleverly avoid cutting shorter length hair styles and instead, brainwash their clients into maintaining longer tresses. 

From the last three visits these past few years, i have been unfortunate enough to try out two different top hair salons in Karama and Dubai Marina. I made a return trip to the second salon with a different stylist and was still left dissatisfied with the results in terms of hair length and style.

I'm too queasy to try out another for a fourth time, now. It's always the same excuse, with minor variations, about how a longer mane is more fitting for a girl or it's the hottest fashion trend right now. Ugh!

To me it sounds more like an excuse to cover up for their lack of creativity. Not every woman finds long hair appealing or wants to look like a cover model clone with arm-length hair.

4. Clever enough to judge styles that suit
I don't mind having a new do every once in a while; but cutting a style just because that's what everyone else is asking for, or is faster to do, doesn't mean your client is going to like it the same way.

Long rant short, all i want is a nice chin length hair-do from someone who likes to go beyond small talk. It isn't that hard to do, is it? Is it? I'm way too stressed out about this!