Monday, December 17, 2012

Goa Again! Pre-Wedding Shopping

In the two years of dating my now hubby, we've never gone on a single trip to anywhere except the malls of Bombay. A few weeks before the wedding though, his mom, sis and we, hopped on a train and got off at the lovely little heaven, commonly known as Goa.
Clothes shopping and hogging at famous and not-so outlets and joints stole the show. Here are the ones that made it memorable.

Ever seen a store jam-packed over the weekend? In the heart of Panjim city lies a relatively affordable store called Mustafa's with outfits that could nearly match the fashions of Bombay. Everything from funky jackets that go great with just about anything or sharp skirts and blouses for the workplace to dainty little crochet shrugs and even dressy evening wear.

Shop here if the usual Goan souvenir clothes are too passé for you.

Café Bhonsle
A cozy breakfast spot not too far off from Mustafa's. Ask anyone once you're at Panjim market. Specialties were the saffron-infused  yellow breads/buns had with tea (Goans drink tea. All the time. In big mugs too). Just tell the waiter you want, "buns" (because the delicious yellow bread is the only kind of bun there is) and that's it! They serve the usual breakfasts too which cater to local and tourist tastes.

The buns make it worth everything.

I'm a ketchup bottle at Britto's!
Now here's a place I hear too much about by practically anyone who's visited Goa. Right by the Baga beach and riddled with sun-tanned Caucasian and hoity-toity Indian tourists; it serves amazing masala mussels and even rawa fried mussels!

Order for the connamon flavoured drink. Goes perfectly with steak and kidney pie.

If you're near Miramar beach ask anyone where's D'silva's. Best road-side pork chops for cheap, ever!

So those were a few of my favourite spots to hang out when in Goa. Would love to know what are yours in the comments below or tweet them to me at @fatterbrain on Twitter!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Travel Tales in Goa: Mapusa and Santacruz

So last time I mentioned all the nice places you'd like to visit while you're in Goa. Do keep in mind that those are spots for the not-so-touristy folk and more for the regulars ho visit that (once upon a time) homely little state.

Besides working really hard at keeping the old and rickety (I'm just kidding) house clean and tidy, dad and I did manage to do a little last minute shopping to carry back to Bombay. And what better than to load up on the best eats and drinks, right? :-D

Things we took back home:
1. Chocolate and mint flavoured liqueurs
2. Poies (Goan bread that's a lot like pita bread, but not really)
3. Fruit cakes
4. Bebinka (super-fatty, sweet and super-yummy Goan delicacy)
6. Anything (affordable and) edible
Breads! In case you're wondering, they're not doughnuts, they're nicknamed "bangles".

Where to shop for your stock?
1. Buy your booze at any of the local "wine shops". Avoid settling for a price if it isn't stated. Don't forget to check with other stores to make sure you're getting a good bargain.

2. I've found Mapusa market to be the best place for traditional breads and sweets besides everything else you usually find in a buzzing bazaar.

(Hubby-to-be is going to be back from Dubai soon plus another trip to Goa. Stay tuned for more pics!)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Goa - Travel Tales Between Calangute and Borim

September finally ended and dad and i drove to Goa (he drove, i slept); which is pretty much where I was for the most of October '12. He's got stuff to do here, and i can be put to good use as a coolie, cook and maid. Plus, the breezy weather at Calangute on the North side of Goa is a refreshing change from the hot and sticky Bombay.

What i did there?
1. My first week found me catching up with close friend (and hubby-to-be's best-man at the upcoming wedding ) Elton

2. Sight-seeing

3. Goan delights

4. Experimental cooking and more.

Heading out to Calangute? Head for...
1. Calangute beach. Beware of the excess of hawkers. Kinda filthy, but worth the sunset. Rides are expensive.
2. St. Alex Church. Stop over at the quaint little church for some restful peace and tranquility.
3. Calangute Beach and Beach Road Stalls: If you know how to bargain...SHOP!!!
4. Convenience Stores: Calangute is kind to the frequent traveller and you'll hardly find a need that isn't satisfied. Sure can burn a hole in your wallet though.
5. Local Restaurants: There's lots of authentic dishes to gorge on. Try everything you can while you're here.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Little Trinkets: Hello Kitty & Bart Simpson Earrings!

Train travelling in Bombay, is pretty horrible, in general. Then again, no matter how lousy, it isn't all that bad if you score a decent deal with any of the sales-girls on board.
Now if there's anything i really love, it's Hello Kitty. And a young girl, selling all sorts of trinkets in little boxes climbed aboard sold me exactly what i wanted! Aren't they simply adorable? :D
Few days later, on another trip i find similar earrings with bratty little Bart Simpson on them; simply had to have them too.
Each pair cost me Rs.20, which is a steal, especially for my favourite little brat. So what do you think...cute or not? Lemme know in the comments below. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Geek Alert: Keyboard Flip-Flops

Finally! It happened! I shopped at Bombay's Fashion Street.
Elton, (my long-time friend and to-be Best Man for my wedding) was visiting over the weekend. Just a few hours short of him leaving, we decided to take a stroll through the much talked about, fashion zone. Boy, was i in for a treat there. Bargained and bagged, two very pretty kurtis. So much fun! :-D
But the real steal that day were these awesome, computer keyboard styled slippers. Gonna take these on my upcoming beach trip to Goa.
Wouldn't you want to own a pair of these super flip-flops too? :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Perfect Salami Sandwich

So apparently I've been doing it wrong since forever. Oh well, never too late to learn. Hope this comes in handy for you too. Enjoy! :)

Monday, May 07, 2012

Chilli Spiced Cream Cheese

Sounds like a mundane title for a recipe? Not to me. This is my first time preparing a dish with something that's homegrown-- a chilli from my little chilli plant.
So, here's how i made myself a yummy spread.
1. Shred 500 gms of cheddar.
2. Chop and grind 4 to 5 chillies (add per your taste for pungency) in a mixer.
3. Add into the mixer the shredded cheddar and mix.
4. Pour in a part of 50 ml to 100 ml of whole milk (depending on the degree of thickness you require) and mix. Add in the remaining milk and mix again.
5. Spoon out the mix into a container and store in the fridge in a cool and dry place.
Note: Play around with roasted spices and/or dried herbs and in when you grind the chillies to create your own special flavour.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Bagged It!

Finally found my perfect summer sling bag! The pink-petaled flower print on cotton, reminds me of granny's homemade curtains and dresses for some reason. Plus, it's gonna look so cool wherever i take out my Nook to read from it. And would you believe it, i found it while shopping online!
1. The Chelsea FC pin is a gift from my fiancé. ;)
2. Back from my hiatus. :D