Friday, August 30, 2013

We're All Going on a Holiday

Bombay! Here I come! After 8 long months in Dubai I finally get to return to India for a whole 3 weeks! It seems like a long holiday now but we're going to think it exactly the opposite once hubby and me are back in Dubai. Check out our itinerary below!

Somewhere Different Each Week
Lemony freshness via Emirates

Week 1 - Hill Stations. Marvelous for our new passion, photography.
Week 2 - How can we visit India and not have Goa on the list?! Lots of sight-seeing and photo opps here too.
Week 3 - Laid back stay with family and a few close friends in Bombay. There's no place like home.


Here are a few helpful tips you can use on your upcoming and future trips.

Flaunt those summer feet in colourful sandals with flower or beach motifs that will totally rock your holiday look.Wear a watch that says sporty, chic and fun. Silicon or rubber wristwatches say summer the best!

Activity Gear
Pack medicines, trinkets, etc. in compact little boxes
Do NOT forget your swimming suit or trunks, goggles and cap should in case the hotel pool have the rule.
Camera and accessories. You're definitely going to get click-happy!

Cosmetics and Toiletries
Pack daily essentials; the kind of things you can never do without in a space-saving carrying pouch or case. Make-up for regular use, hair, skin products, little trinkets and anything else you may think of.

Roll Arrangement
An efficient way to pack is by rolling up all your clothes instead of folding them. Makes it easier to stack them and saves space for cosmetics and toiletries in between. Also helps to balance out the weight.

Trinkets to take home

Little trinkets, novelty comics, yummy treats, fridge magnets and more, all make for great souvenirs to gift to family and close friends.

Think I've forgotten something that is a must-have on holiday? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me your thoughts to @fatterbrain on Twitter.