Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chocolate - Crispy Minty Rounds

If there's anything I love doing, it's experimenting with chocolate. Chocolate eaten plain, is plain boring...enough said! Coupled with another ingredient though; like flavourings, essences and other edibles--that's what brings out the truly exquisite taste of chocolate.

I prefer to perform my cooking experiments late at night when there's nobody around to pinch and nibble at any of my precious ingredients...especially the chocolate. Can't blame them though. I find it hard to resist myself!

One of my favourites is the Crispy, Minty Rounds like in the pic below. An easy recipe if you're bored and have slabs of chocolate, spirits/liqueurs and biscuits just lying around.

Minty Moments
1. Simply temper chocolate over a medium flame, stir in a lump of buttery goodness once it's melted, and let it cool for a while. When using essences, peppermint is my usual pick; but if it's a special occasion, orange is the way to go! I also like to add brandy or rum for flavour. If I had any, I'd add Cointreau (a dee-licious orange flavoured liqueur) instead. [Note: On adding alchol like liqueurs or spirits, the composition of the melted chocolate will thicken making it easier to shape later]

2. Once that's done, crush some light 'n' crispy biscuits (flavoured/un-flavoured) into the mix to give it that extra crispiness with every bite. Now comes the tedious part; rolling out the mix into evenly sized rounds which is then left to harden in the freezer.

Labour of Love
3. Another batch of tempered chocolate + butter is required to roll out  the hardened rounds into. Spoon them onto an empty plate and leave to harden in the fridge again. With that over, you can just drop 'em into any container and store them in the fridge.
And there you go --delicate chocolate goodies to pop into your mouth whenever you fancy.
Tip: Cut into halves and add to a boring cup of plain ice-cream, or cake/muffins or anything else you like decorating with chocolate.

 Bite Me!

ps: If anyone's feeling a little generous, please courier me a bottle of Cointreau.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Religious v/s Vegetarians

Can lead to severe aggression
I've come to the point where, when I meet with a pious  person I imagine them as crazy vegetarians (yes, a separate breed indeed). Plenty of vegetarians as peaceful as an olive twig though. More than what can be said for evangelists.
Anyway, I thought about it, compared it and brought to you a list of five of their similarities. Here you go. Enjoy!

Veggie Fanatic: Will tell you the benefits of consuming an overdose of protein.
Religious Freak: Attempt repeatedly to convince you that whatever path you're following in life, other than their own of course, is a big fat lie. Although not so much when its Hindus & Jews (explains my majorly Hindu circle).

Easily Offended
Veggie Fanatic: Might probably puke or nearly do so at the sight of your lamb roast. They might approve of the cranberry sauce though.
Religious Freak: Will find your reasons to add chocolate sauce on your partner and lick it off before marriage completely refutable...especially if your partner is of the same sex as your own.

Generic Outlook
Veggie Fanatic: Usually consider all meat-eaters aka non-vegetarians as uncivilized, murderous carnivores.
Religious Freak: If you're not a follower, you're an aimless fool waiting to be found (by the religious so they may break the very stronghold of your mind).

Right v/s Wrong
Both believe in the concepts of "right" and "wrong". They're "right" and you're "wrong".

Biased to Reason 
Veggie Fanatic: Refuse to follow balanced diets.
Religious Freak: Will ban anything that says they're wrong. No one should know of conspiracies least they believe.

p.s.: It is best to walk out of such arguments peacefully while still sustaining your beliefs.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remembering You (For Dylan)

I miss the first time you smiled,
I miss the first time we kissed,
Wish I could travel those many miles
Rather than missing you so much like this. - 4

I miss the first time we held hands,
I miss the first time I fell for your charms;
This loneliness I cannot stand,
I'd rather be held in your arms. - 8
I miss the warmth of your face.
I miss the sound of your voice.
I miss the way into my eyes you'd gaze;
I know you're the perfect choice. - 12

In spite of the good you are,
In spite of the kindness you show;
I still choose to push you, from me, afar;
And now I feel down and low. - 16

I still miss every moment we shared,
And I'll hold them forever in my heart.
I'll never forget how much you've cared;
For in my life, you're the best part. -20

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Relationship Wiser

While growing up, like many others, I believed that love is just another form of friendship, only stronger. We share personal events with the other person like with any other close friend. It is this act of sharing that makes a relationship stronger.

My teenage relationships I compared with friendships and found that those with someone you're dating are much different. In friendships we loved, we cared, we communicated, we shared and even took time out to make each other happy. So why should there be a problem when it came to love? Why didn't it just evolve into friendship as well? It should've, but it didn't!
The following quote sums up what I observed back then.
"Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship--never." - Charles Caleb Colton.

What Colton tried to convey was that sometimes when you're in a friendship the bond is so strong and lasting that eventually it can turn to love. But if love was to happen first it is less likely to be as strong a bond as it is with friendship. Colton obviously based this on his own experiences and isn't wrong. But there are those who can and have proven the statement wrong. Grandparents, for one! So what are we, the youth, doing wrong?

Then it dawned on me---Maturity!!! You think it would've been more obvious!
During our teens we don't really understand the depths of being in a relationship leave alone love. We don't know our priorities.Our expectations have huge margins. Most of us aren't faced with responsibility till much after we start working which is when we learn to manage our lives as a whole entity rather than just one aspect...such as constant obsessing over a strained relationship as it is with teens.

Some of us though are mentally and emotionally still in our teens...confused. And we wont grow up till we are in control of our thoughts.

p.s.: Take control. Set your relationship afire.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Book Review: Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

This is a book I just randomly picked off a shelf at a bookstore. I figured it couldn't be that bad. And it wasn't. The book's about a fifteen year old boy named Jeff. Witty and sarcastic he's easy to understand. Even his funny name tags for people with hard-to-remember names. We all do that. You don't really get the story till you've reached the last quarter of the book. Probably the most meaningful part of it too.

The boy wakes up in a psyche ward with other kids on New Year's Eve. At first he's quite sure he doesn't belong. He makes friends with a girl named Sadie. She makes him resent the program even more. Things move at a normal pace until a boy named Rankin moves in. Jeff eventually comes to terms with his homosexuality.

The book's about how we lie to ourselves to cover up for something. It teaches us how we need to come to terms with life and take steps from there. My say? Definitely worth the read.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Set Me Free

You were insane,
You made me the same;
Love was not what we had.
You came in my life,
You hurt like a knife,
To be rid of you I was glad. -6

My hand you had burnt,
Pain I had learnt;
You've left me quite a scar.
My mind you made weak,
Solitude I did seek;
From you now I am afar. -12

You choked me one eve,
Before I could leave;
Said I shouldn't tell a soul.
That's when it dawned,
To be with you was wrong;
Redemption was my goal. -18

For months I was quiet,
My mind lost it's sight;
Why had you been so rude?
Anything but gentle,
Some even thought mental;
Went by the name of Jude. -24

I eventually fought back,
Got myself back on track;
No reason to shed more tears.
Your anger was futile,
Forever in denial;
You're no more a part my fears. -30

I'm over you now,
With a curtsey and a bow;
I've moved on as you can see.
All thanks to you,
For being distastefully cruel;
You finally set me free. -36

For J.R.Pai, the boy who believed in "hammering" a girl to set her right.

Friday, May 13, 2011


If there was ever a thing I ever dreaded during my childhood it was probably being forced to go for confession. Most people are just afraid of the dentist. But not me, all it takes is a confession box and a priest. Don't get me wrong though. I've nothing against it. I just never found myself with the required amount of sins to confess about to the white robed man in the booth. In fact, I found it very hard to make a confession in the first place.

I was always a little worried I wouldn't have the right kind or amount of "sins" to confess. Not that my sins were terrible, to which I might add, were not. In my defense, most of what I did as a child was purely out of curiosity and innocence and couldn't possibly be a sin. A mistake maybe, but not a sin. And so it led me to believe that at such a tender age of ten even I hadn't done anything bad. A twelve year old cannot have sins either. And the only "sin" I confessed to that year was forgetting to do the washing that week!

Explaining all of the above to a priest is as good as having a conversation with a raging fire...stupid and pointless. Of course, in due time, going for confession became more or less something done annually until the very practice itself stopped in the family. It wont be the last I'll be hearing about it though. I'm certain I'll be sent for one soon enough. And this time I'll remember to say something better than not washing clothes or dishes. Forgetting to make love to my then husband sounds so much more sinful! Right?!

p.s.: People commit mistakes, not sins.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A-Click-Away Relationships

If relationships had a "quit" button there'd be a pop-up warning saying...

"This will erase both your memories of each other till just before you met. Would you still like to continue?"

And it would be as easy as that.

Relationships are not easy, they never were. This is where the Internet lets us down because it gives everyone the option to just close down contact with anyone that we choose at any time without the fear of having to actually face someone and say 'it's over'. You have the liberty to start/pause/stop a relationship with a click of a button like the itty-bitty music player you've overused. Then again that's e-dating, which is a lot like fast food, and nobody really gives a damn about your relationship status three days later if not sooner.

So really, if relationships had a "quit" button it wouldn't really help at all. When you're getting out of a really horrid relationship the idea might sound very desirable, but then again so does murder. There's just one major problem with the concept. People will have never learnt from the lessons of their past relationships. Barring extremes, people are everything that they are because of all the loss they went through during their relationship/s, besides other important life-realted experiences.

Therefore if relationships had a "quit" button, I'd rather it be saying...

"404 ERROR
'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
- Alfred Lord Tennyson"

And it would be as easy as that.

p.s: The author is all for real-life relationships, because she lives in the "real world".

Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Things a Girl Probably Didn't Know About a Guy!

I got this as a forward. Its meant to be sent from a guy to a girl.
It went something like this...

1. Guys are much more emotional than you think.
2. Guys may be flirting but before going to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.
3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile.
4. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to.
5. Girls are guys' weaknesses.
6. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don't need to give advice.
7. When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he's just saying "please come and sit with me".
8.No guy can handle all his problems on his own, he's just too stubborn to admit it.
9. When a guy sacrifices his sleep and health just to be with you, he really likes you and wants to be with you forever.
10. Guys love you more than you love him.

Here's how I interpreted each one of the "Ten Things".
10 Things A Girl Should Know About A Guy

Thing 1: Guys cry when you're not looking.
Thing 2: Guys flirt with every girl and still expect a bonus at night from their girlfriends.
Thing 3: Guys chase any girl who smiles at them.
Thing 4: Guys get jealous real quick.
Thing 5: Guys fall for any and every girl they see.
Thing 6: Guys can't take criticism.
Thing 7: Guys have ineffective communication skills.
Thing 8: All guys are incompetent and stubborn.
Thing 9: Some guys are mentally deranged stalkers.
Thing 10: (Assuming "you" = *his favorite sport*) Guys love *football* more than you love him.

p.s.:  No guys' feelings were hurt during the making of this post.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holi War

The cobbled streets were bare,
Colours streaked the roads everywhere;
The ground smelled fresh of previous attacks;
Of water bombs in little plastic sacks. -4
Venturing out are only the brave;
Umbrellas and raincoats too wont save.
In the shadows they lie in wait,
Can't turn back now, its far too late. -8
The heat begins to get to my head;
Even the breeze is almost dead.
If you begin to run, your decision is rash,
For seconds later there'll be a splash. -12
Where there's one splash there'll be more,
Hit you hard to leave you sore;
Like a confused chameleon I did resemble,
Coloured garishly was my ensemble. -16
It doesn't matter which way you run.
Aimed at my head was a water gun;
And now I look like everyone else,
Coloured, soaked with funny smells. -20
So I leave the scene, battle raveged;
Mother said I looked like a savage.
And that's the price I had to pay,
For stepping out on Holi day! -24

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is Like That

whatever you want it to be

This is dedicated to whoever understands.

Love isn't easy to explain. I don't really understand it. But I know what it feels like. You can tell the difference between its presence and its absence. That's more than enough to say that its real. Love is like that.

Its kind of like that feeling you get standing on the shore. You see the horizon and you know there's a lot more. You can't see past it but you know its out there. Love is like that.

I'm no scholar but from what I remember, the old Greek myths made the Earth seem flat. There was fear of death and misfortune on reaching the edge. Eventually it was learnt that the Earth was spherical and there was more to see past the edge. Love is like that.

There isn't any real end. You could make a whole trip round and make it back again and still find more to see. Each trip will teach you something new. Will show you something you didn't notice before. And it will never cease to do so. It goes on and on and on. Love is like that.

When the sea is enough you lie down to rest. When you look up into the night sky with its stars you see there's still more. The Earth is round but the universe is bigger. Love is like that.

When your first child's eyes open for the first time, it'll stare deep into yours. And you'll stare right back into them. And when s/he smiles you'll know the feeling is inexplicable. Love is like that.

Love's not just for someone special alone but for something bigger. Its when you can see yourself loving an entire family. Bringing up an entire other life besides your own. A new responsibility. A new life. A life with what you've had plus what you've wanted. To me...
Love is like that.

p.s.: Love is. Therefore it is. Happy Valentine's.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cat Guy

In all my life, the only thing that I've ever wanted was a man to go totally nuts over. But there needed to be something very different about him. Something that set him apart form every other guy. Something that would make most people think I'm crazy, which might I add is totally okay with me.

Okay, so here it is, I want a cat guy. Confused? Let me confirm what it is not first.

1. Not a man dressed as a Cat: See the pics? Well, that is not my kind of idea for fun. One's not even furry. And the other pic is not the kind of furry I'd like either, not to mention the bad photo artistry there either. And then there's the other pink panther. None of these would ever ever work.
No way!
So now you understand that the male I seek is not supposed to look like a doofy human freak in any way. That would just be wrong!

Wrong idea, okay!
Note the blinding yellow cape
2. Not Cat-Man either: If you thought of bringing up the comic character Cat-Man, let me save you the trouble and assure you that as creepily sexy as he might be, he's not what I want. I doubt I could stand the colour of his costume either. Its like a beacon for attention. He may be attractive to cats but not to me. I for one am not a cat. So, its not a super hero that I'm interested in either. The job of a superhero's lady is very complicated too. Let's not go there!

Okay that is pretty much all that he shouldn't be. So now let me fill you in on what he seriously needs to be. Mind you, these are just physical attributes. Personality can be discussed some other time. Now here's what I really need this guy to be like.

Yummy, yea?
1. A man: I think we all know what a man is supposed to be like, right? If not, the pic should greatly help. Take a good look at the guy in the pic and just add a nice long tail, the kind that could be put to multiple uses (wink wink).

2. A cat: He will need to be as cute and warm and cuddly and adorable and simply all the cute cat things you could possibly think of.
Bundle of cute fur

Okay, now, without imagining something really dumb and stupid, imagine these two amazing beings come together to form the kind of being that I want. Something a lot like Nightcrawler from the X-Men but more catty. And there you have it. My deepest desire!

No! The Rat King scares people!

p.s: And once again the author made you go through a whole lotta crappy stuff.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Off With Your Head

I remember that fateful day
The day your head fell off;
It rolled onto the carpeted floor
The thud was pretty soft. -4

The people knew not how
We were bonded deep in blood;
I the passionately intelligent,
And you the useless dud. -8

They saw your mini red fountain
Raging from your severed head;
They refused to see its beauty
But agreed that you were dead. -12

I did paint of you a picture
Of black, crimson and scarlet;
I do not know why they damned me
We all need an emotional outlet. -16

Even my carpet was pleased as punch
It soaked up your blood and stained;
We've been trying so long for this
And finally a tragedy we have gained. -20

They finally caught up with me
Whilst dragging your body away;
Jailed me behind bars they did
Not a very nice place to stay. -24

I came to realize just then,
We really weren't meant to last;
Was our destined, fallen-out future
The irreplaceable headless past. -28

Years later they released me one day
Said I'd be good from then on;
No more a reason to be bad
What for? You were already gone. -32

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Autumn Being

Like falling off an autumn tree
An autumn leaf I'd like to be;
Away from all the nasty bark
An atmosphere more clean and stark. -4

They all look so very green
Faultless, every one of them seem;
If from high I ever fell
They wont ever be able to tell. -8

Just a single little brown leaf less
Who would really even notice;
A tiny snap without a single sound
And soon I'd be on the grassy ground. -12

I'd be floating in the air,
The wind would take me anywhere;
Far away from all them leaves
Far away from all them trees. -16

There'll be many just like me
All over the grassy green;
Crunchy sounds all around
To Mother Earth I am bound. -20

But an autumn leaf is what I'm not
A human form is what I've got;
Flesh and bones is all I can be
Better still, I'll be me. -24