Thursday, November 15, 2012

Travel Tales in Goa: Mapusa and Santacruz

So last time I mentioned all the nice places you'd like to visit while you're in Goa. Do keep in mind that those are spots for the not-so-touristy folk and more for the regulars ho visit that (once upon a time) homely little state.

Besides working really hard at keeping the old and rickety (I'm just kidding) house clean and tidy, dad and I did manage to do a little last minute shopping to carry back to Bombay. And what better than to load up on the best eats and drinks, right? :-D

Things we took back home:
1. Chocolate and mint flavoured liqueurs
2. Poies (Goan bread that's a lot like pita bread, but not really)
3. Fruit cakes
4. Bebinka (super-fatty, sweet and super-yummy Goan delicacy)
6. Anything (affordable and) edible
Breads! In case you're wondering, they're not doughnuts, they're nicknamed "bangles".

Where to shop for your stock?
1. Buy your booze at any of the local "wine shops". Avoid settling for a price if it isn't stated. Don't forget to check with other stores to make sure you're getting a good bargain.

2. I've found Mapusa market to be the best place for traditional breads and sweets besides everything else you usually find in a buzzing bazaar.

(Hubby-to-be is going to be back from Dubai soon plus another trip to Goa. Stay tuned for more pics!)

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