Friday, March 28, 2014

Find Your Soulmate - A Sample Survey

Recently a close friend shared with me (and others) the following questionnaire sent by a potential spouse. The courageous friend has applied for the position of 'spouse' and is awaiting selection for a physical/virtual interview if shortlisted. The friend claims that it is neither an arranged nor a love relationship, prefers not to have the situation categorised and has left me confused. Guess it's complicated.

Minimum editing has been made to the original questionnaire with respect to grammar or spelling though any names of cities have been removed.

For those of you in need of a few tips when looking for a potential spouse shall find the list interesting.

Feel free to respond at your convenience and if you have any questions for me, feel free to send me.
Please answer as honestly as possible cos what you think and believe are also important.
Of course I would like to have been able to spend more time with you and get these answered once i felt it was a comfortable time to bring it up, but unfortunately I need to make some sort of a decision soon, hope you don't mind

1)      Do you have a time frame within which you want to get married or is that flexible?
2)      Where do you see yourself living after marriage?
3)      Would you be open to (city name removed)? Are you comfortable at the thought of living in (city name removed)?
4)      Are you open to moving abroad if the opportunity does come up. Any plans or progress on that end?
5)      Are you currently staying in an owned house or a rental?
6)      Will it be a concern for you if I have a job that involves night shifts?
7)      Will it be a concern for you if I continue to support my parents financially after marriage?
8)      What are your thoughts on me being able to work after marriage?
9)      What are your thoughts on me being able to study after marriage (if required)
10)      What are your feelings about me being able to meet my friends and family after marriage
11)      I cant currently cook but will learn eventually. How important is it for me to be able to cook and cook well by the time I am married.
12)      What is your preferred mode of communication to stay in touch (when not able to meet)? Would you be okay with messaging over calling?
13)   How much are you currently earning?
14)   Do you have investments and savings?
15)   Do you believe you are financially stable for marriage?
16)   Is it important for you for us to live with parents after marriage?
17) If neither (city name removed) nor abroad works out, where do you plan on living?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

6 John Green Books You Ought To Read

Sure, neither the 2013 collection nor the Coelho collection are complete but it certainly seems more likely (read: shorter list) to complete this list since two from the list are already done.

These 6 are my new list of books to read. I've already completed An Abundance of Katherines and The Fault in Our Stars (who hasn't read that?!) and hopefully I'll be moving on to Paper tows next. 

An Abundance of Katherines
Let it Snow
Looking for Alaska
Paper Towns
The Fault in Our Stars
Will Grayson Will Grayson

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fashion in Dubai - Brands Perfect Style Event

The Brands Perfect Style Event put an end to a generally hectic work week last Thursday. Since this was my first fashion-related event in Dubai, I badgered close buddy and food enthusiast Evelyn to tag along too.
Show stealer - Manoj (center)

Warm greetings arrived in the form of the welcoming Ms.Veronique when we arrived fashionably early.

Also at the event were Ms. Orhla of The Snobby Runway and the lovely lady from Your Bubbly Butterfly, besides other bloggers, guests and folks from the fashion universe.

Stars of the event were all the contestants for the fashion event, including Manoj who captivated the crowd with his smoldering and suave looks and came out on top. But then again, all the contestants came out as winners. The young men who were runner ups received vouchers they could redeem at the Brands store and the two little ladies would get a wonderful spa day filled with glorious mani-pedis and more. Also, they will all get to strut their stuff in the September fashion show.

Fashion found at Brands include spirited casuals and classy formals for not just the gents but the ladies too. In fact, they will certainly rolling out more in September.

While it may seem like the store caters more of their merchandise for the guys, they will certainly be expanding their lines of ladies wear also by September.

Goodies were received in the form of the free tee for us bloggers, plus a little more with a smart tie to take home for my man and a set of store-branded mugs.

A little disappointed as me and everyone else were really looking forward to the style advice from the fashion experts. Sadly though, none of those mentioned arrived. Unless they were the judges? Either way, would have been more complete with a few fashion tips from the pros. A fun event, nevertheless.

A little fashion advice from a friend --

"I'm no hard-core fashion-expert but what I do like is being street-smart when it comes to fashion. Fashion and style isn't quantum physics. Anyone with an eye for detail who can pull on a splendid and attractive ensemble without having to appear to be trying too hard can be fashionable."