Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remembering You (For Dylan)

I miss the first time you smiled,
I miss the first time we kissed,
Wish I could travel those many miles
Rather than missing you so much like this. - 4

I miss the first time we held hands,
I miss the first time I fell for your charms;
This loneliness I cannot stand,
I'd rather be held in your arms. - 8
I miss the warmth of your face.
I miss the sound of your voice.
I miss the way into my eyes you'd gaze;
I know you're the perfect choice. - 12

In spite of the good you are,
In spite of the kindness you show;
I still choose to push you, from me, afar;
And now I feel down and low. - 16

I still miss every moment we shared,
And I'll hold them forever in my heart.
I'll never forget how much you've cared;
For in my life, you're the best part. -20

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Relationship Wiser

While growing up, like many others, I believed that love is just another form of friendship, only stronger. We share personal events with the other person like with any other close friend. It is this act of sharing that makes a relationship stronger.

My teenage relationships I compared with friendships and found that those with someone you're dating are much different. In friendships we loved, we cared, we communicated, we shared and even took time out to make each other happy. So why should there be a problem when it came to love? Why didn't it just evolve into friendship as well? It should've, but it didn't!
The following quote sums up what I observed back then.
"Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship--never." - Charles Caleb Colton.

What Colton tried to convey was that sometimes when you're in a friendship the bond is so strong and lasting that eventually it can turn to love. But if love was to happen first it is less likely to be as strong a bond as it is with friendship. Colton obviously based this on his own experiences and isn't wrong. But there are those who can and have proven the statement wrong. Grandparents, for one! So what are we, the youth, doing wrong?

Then it dawned on me---Maturity!!! You think it would've been more obvious!
During our teens we don't really understand the depths of being in a relationship leave alone love. We don't know our priorities.Our expectations have huge margins. Most of us aren't faced with responsibility till much after we start working which is when we learn to manage our lives as a whole entity rather than just one aspect...such as constant obsessing over a strained relationship as it is with teens.

Some of us though are mentally and emotionally still in our teens...confused. And we wont grow up till we are in control of our thoughts.

p.s.: Take control. Set your relationship afire.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Book Review: Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

This is a book I just randomly picked off a shelf at a bookstore. I figured it couldn't be that bad. And it wasn't. The book's about a fifteen year old boy named Jeff. Witty and sarcastic he's easy to understand. Even his funny name tags for people with hard-to-remember names. We all do that. You don't really get the story till you've reached the last quarter of the book. Probably the most meaningful part of it too.

The boy wakes up in a psyche ward with other kids on New Year's Eve. At first he's quite sure he doesn't belong. He makes friends with a girl named Sadie. She makes him resent the program even more. Things move at a normal pace until a boy named Rankin moves in. Jeff eventually comes to terms with his homosexuality.

The book's about how we lie to ourselves to cover up for something. It teaches us how we need to come to terms with life and take steps from there. My say? Definitely worth the read.