Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life Lessons From Chocolate

Free will is chocolate
Chocolate has never once ruined my life no matter how many times I've indulged in it in secret. It's made me feel good and never once guilty. This is the life I'd like to continue living. The life of no lies: to live freely, speak freely, do freely.

The chocolate is in your hands, you can bite into it, feel good, and live saying that there was nothing wrong with yesterday. Or you can throw it away and regret doing so in the first place the next day because by then you've realised that in reality you actually did want the chocolate.

The Chocolate Life
Live a life filled with the creamy melted chocolate you seek by following a set of rules.
If you do something in secret it should nourish your life rather than spoil it.
Have fewer or no regrets.
Try new things with an open mind.
Be firm about your views and stick to your values.
Avoid doing things you know you will regret in future. Learn to think before you perform.
Live your chocolate-y life.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article may or may not make any sense. It's aim was only to satisfy the author's present needs for security. Any mental discomfort caused due to the reading of this article is purely coincidental and the author will not be held responsible.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Lovestruck Trains

The sound of a moving train,
Like that of a heartbeat
Races with my love-struck pulse
Filled with burning heat. -4

Thursday, January 18, 2007

An Teen Experience

I did something in the past,
Which I'm reluctant to regret so fast.-2
I did it because my body yearned for it,
And because the other didn't mind a bit.
He let me feel what I've never felt before,
All hot and tingly right to the core.-6
I did something in the past,
Which I'm reluctant to forget so fast.-8
He caressed every part of me he could find;
And aroused strange questions in my mind,
"Why do I lie here still, doing this?"
"What's so sensual about his kiss?"-12
I did something in the past,
Which few are ready to forgive so fast.-14
He kissed and to himself held me close,
It's the way he touched me I liked the most.
He then slipped my fingers into his pants,
And I sent him into a moaning trance.-18
What I did during that time,
I dearly hope none think it a crime.-20
With my fingers he reached his orgasm,
Told me he felt like he was in heaven.
He got up from the bed and left me to wait,
And went to the loo to ejaculate.-24
I wish this past would become the present,
So I could re-live the ecstasy through which I went.-26
And so it was time for him to take me home,
"Don't make me go.", is all I moaned.
He then rode me home on his bike,
The wind in my hair I so did like.-30
It was only when we grew apart,
I realiz I now had a lovesick heart.-32

Monday, January 15, 2007

My Friend's Friend

Who is my friend's friend?
Who is she?
She's the one and only
Naughty little me.-4
I harass her, poke her
Pinch her and push her
And sometimes even say that
Than me she is weaker.-8
But for some very really
Crazy reason
By her I will always be
Forever forgiven!-12

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For Odelia

I have a friend who's always
With me
But, with me she never
Wants to be.-4
She'll many a time say to me
Something bad
To make me so very,
Very sad-8
But no matter what
I will always forgive her
'Cause she's my friend
Forever and ever. -12

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Tempting Sea

One evening during Diwali, while vacationing on a beach in Goa (Calangute), I overheard a mother and father crying bitterly requesting the coastguards to go out once more and search for their son who hadn't returned from swimming. The coastguards tried their best while the boy's parents prayed for his safe return. Unfortunately, the boy was never found.

The Tempting Sea
Gentle whispers from the sea;
Softly calling out to me;
"Come in, come in, oh sweet child;
Bask in my waves so gentle, so mild."
But then I had begun to recall;
About a boy so very small.
Who was taken away in the month of November,
By the sea so full of danger.
He was taken away into the deep.
By the sea to be put to sleep.
Never again to see sunlight;
For the sea had held him down tight.
So even though the waves kissed my feet;
Inviting me to the sea so deep;
I refused to enter the deep blue sea,
For fear of what might happen to me.