Thursday, May 28, 2015

Whose Line Is It Anyway: Improv in Dubai

WLIIA - Line-Up
It was a fine ambience. There was wine and beer flowing and the whole place smelled of guzzled wines once everyone got their dose of laughter. Or maybe it was just the guy next to me. Either way, made for a very comfortable setting.

A good number of us from the millennial generation grew up watching American TV skit comedy, Whose Line Is It Anyway. The show featured Drew Carey as the host, and the usual line-up of Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, another guest star or two, and plenty of props to go around. Improv comedy, whether at comedy theatres, on the radio or on TV, it'll undoubtedly leave you with aching sides, face muscles, some stray tears of laughter and a good mood; precisely what we  were in for right here in Dubai!

When hubby booked our tickets last month, he though we'd be getting the old US line-up. Instead, we got to be a part of a live audience in front of this seriously funny lot. And these guys at the Madinat Theatre in Jumeirah were hilariously outstanding. The guys were well-versed in popular culture. I mean, they could perform on situations from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Bollywood, Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, you name it. One of them hadn't even read Harry Potter and it was still funny. There was even an unheard-of-before job known as falcon sexers (you just had to have been there). Fitting enough, the most popular word for the evening was, 'Gouda'. Yes, the cheese. Don't even ask!

The nearly two-hour performance began with Steve Steen. Don't go by his picture in the image. He's got a nice roundy paunch and white hair doing its own long wavy business on his head. Steve introduced us to Andy Smart, Stephen Frost, Ian Coppinger (my personal favourite) and guest performer, Joe Rooney. Quick, sharp, mildly vulgar, witty, very UK: that's how the jokes were and exactly how hubby and i prefer our comedy. 

Scene Replay,
Freeze Tag,
Foreign Film Dub,
Party Quirks,
and more.

Duh, the price is hidden under my thumb!

Show specials
The audience creates the script. All the guys did was act out the kind of scenarios we all yelled out in an orderly fashion. That pretty much explains the Gouda and falcon sexer. So much you can learn about a crowd by their choices.

There were NO SMARTPHONES being checked. Absolutely nobody dared to take out their phones during the show. Why? Because if they did, Steve or someone else would've been all up in their business and been like, "Oh hey, you there with your face lit up by your phone. Yes, you. It's really obvious, you know."

A running joke happened on the side, with a green tape stuck to the back of Ian's shirt so he looked like a little money-box about on two legs. Was completely apart from the show. Oh, and one of them managed such a good bottle toss that it landed right on a floor speaker and caused the mesh to come undone at one end.

Oh and it's a good thing there was a 15 minute break in between. Not just for the funny boys. This wasn't a special, obviously. But honestly, everyone rushed to the loo after that first session. All that laughter really got us all wanting to take a piss. There was this long snaky line for the ladies even. Everyone watched the doors hoping to have their go at the potty and then uncomfortably stared at while you wash up and wipe after. Nobody escape without a thorough washing of their hands that evening.

Sometime before the end and during the, someone on the first row had to head to the loo and without missing a beat the three guys, one word at a time burst out, "Where. The. Fuck. Do. You. Think. You're. Going?" Poor thing, so embarrassed. So funny for the rest of us.

We'd totally go again whenever they're here next. Absolutely fabulous. Nothing like a good two hour session of laughter!