Monday, July 29, 2013

From The Queen's Vintage Brooch Collection - So Royal!

Since the birth of little Prince George I've decided it's a royal week and I'll be putting one or two other posts that's "royally" related.

Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch
I love brooches. Unfortunately, I haven't many except for the ones gifted by family members which include a few cute and semi-precious hand-me-downs which I simple love. Obviously I need to find better places to shop.

If you've ever noticed HRH Queen Elizabeth II, you'd know she almost always wears a dainty little brooch. She also wears a lot of hats but I'm not into hats.

Centenary Rose Brooch
Apart from those that are a part of a parure, her highness owns a really royal collection.From amethysts, sapphires and precious gems with a bouquet of sparkling diamonds to simple, yet chic, studded flowers, sailboats, birds and more, here are my top favourites from her very, many brooches collection. Now if only someone would gift me replicas of these.

1. Prince Albert Brooch
The Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch is a wedding gift from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria, and consists of a large oval sapphire surrounded by twelve diamonds.

I Like It Because it looks like a daisy. I like daisies, and I definitely like sapphires which makes it a beautiful combination of two things I like.

Flower Basket Brooch
2. The Centenary Rose brooch

For the perfect trinket to mark her mother Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II turned to G. Collins & Sons jewelers in 2000. The result was this brooch, the Centenary Rose: a pink Queen Elizabeth rose hand-painted and carved in reverse intaglio in rock crystal set in a frame made with 100 brilliant-cut diamonds. Sadly, the Queen Mother didn’t have a tremendous amount of time to enjoy her gift: she died in 2002 at the age of 101 so now it's back with the queen and is one of her personal favourites.

 It's a Must-Have Because it's got this really vintage, yet simplistic, look; like something my grandmum would probably own.

Aquamarine & Diamond Brooch
3. Flower Basket Brooch
A gift to the Queen to mark Prince Charles' birth from her parents, this brooch consists of sapphire, ruby and diamond flowers in a basket.

You Have to Love It Because it's something that is practically ordinary looking but when you're the queen
it makes you look just capitol!

4.  Aquamarine & Diamond Brooch
Aquamarine and Diamond brooch given to her by the Brazilian govt.The brooch and matching bracelet were presented to The Queen by the Brazilian Government in 1958 as a matching addition to the original Coronation gift of 1953.

I Find It Absolutely Gorgeous Because of that calming baby-blue effect it gives off. Plus it looks like the Aquamarine has a little crown. Very pretty!

5. Australian Wattle Brooch
During the 1954 Commonwealth tour The Queen’s State Gift from Australia was this diamond brooch in the form of a spray of wattle. The yellow diamonds, representing the Australian wattle, are backed by blue-white diamonds in the form of mimosa leaves. The brooch also incorporates diamonds in the form of the blossom of the tea tree with, at the centre, a large white diamond.

This is the Best of the Floral Symbol Brooches that I've laid my eyes on. Not that the New Zealand Fern Brooch or others aren't royal enough for this list; I just like this one for the pretty yellow diamonds.

Well, that's end of part one of two parts on brooches; stay tuned for the second!

Click Here To Know About More of The Queen's Brooches

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Classic Styles of Duchess Catherine & Late Princess Diana

Royal Fashion Statements - Then & Now
 What I mistook for an ordinary maternity ward dress was something much more. After a little research and browsing on the internet I found a little gem that had to be included in this post.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were photographed outside of St. Mary's Hospital with their newborn son William in 1982
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge by the steps of St. Mary's Hospital with their newborn son, 22 July 2013
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge chose a bespoke cornflower blue crepe de chine Jenny Packham dress for the special occasion which is a more up-to-date version of the one worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales back in 1982 on the same spot when she held the little bundle, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Note the same blue/green with white polka dots.

Both royals are known for their iconic tastes in style and fashion. Obviously the Duchess donned the similarly designed dress for a more personal and special reason. After all, her engagement ring is the very same that was given to Princess Diana on her engagement with Prince Charles.

Little Prince George of Cambridge

The Royal Baby
Lo and behold, a royal has been born. July 22, at 4:24 in the afternoon marks the birth of future king and first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince George Alexander Louis made his photocall debut on the steps of the Lindo wing at St. Mary's hospital, Paddington, a little over 24 hours after his birth, as the duchess was discharged at 7:15 in the evening.

Brace yourselves! Lots of folk are going to name their kids after little prince George.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alicia Keys in Dubai This November!

Alicia Keys will be here on November 15. Her ‘Set The World On Fire’ tour will be making its way to Dubai on November 15th to pack out the newly expanded  14,000 capacity Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. Also making a special guest appearance, will be R&B sensation, Jason Derulo who performed here last year.

Since moving to Dubai, the one thing anyone notices are events. Lots of events. There's just never a boring month here. And if it's something really big like, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, tickets start selling at least 5 months in advance. Some of the venues are really nice. The hall for the Elvis (Shaky Russel) performance was great, comfy seats & all while thoseat the hall for the Russian Swan Lake performance was terribly lousy.

For those of you going, here's a helpful tip. They'll make a fuss about bringing in flash cameras or clicking photos during the show. Be warned!

Tickets start at Dhs295,, 15 November 2013, Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flea Marketing in Dubai!

After much pestering, me and the hubby had our first encounter with a Dubai Flea Market and boy what an experience it was. I know I'm definitely going again then next time there's one!
Our Steals!

Our Steals
Since this was our first time, we were both a little queasy about what's safe to buy and what to ignore. Clothes and broken items were decided as no-nos.
  • Japanese-ey handbag - Dhs.5
  • Japanese fans x2 - Dhs.15
  • Crochet doll - Dhs.5
  • Hand Lotion - Dhs.5
  • Iron Man novel - Dhs.5
  • Bamboo motorbike - Dhs.20
  • Flip flops - Dhs.40
  • Noa perfume for her - Dhs.25
  • Don comic - Free
We managed to bag stuff in just Dhs.120 with one free item, the grand total of which is lesser than the original cost of the Noa perfume that sells for $67-$70 (yes, i did a little homework).

Yep, this is where the ladies chill out on a Friday

We got there a little late in the afternoon so we're going to assume most of the good deals were already gone. There were still plenty of folk strolling around even near closing time.

There was everything from clothes, trinkets, toys, DVDs & electronics to paintings, bicycles, cookware, house items and a lot more I'm sure I didn't notice. No kitchen sink though!

One item that did get my attention was this twin keyboard organ. It was exactly similar to the one back home in Bombay.

Most of the goods are just stuff people need to to get rid of because they're either leaving town or they've got too much stuff at home. So some of them may just start handing out relatively trivial stuff for free; like the comic book. I did see a lady giving away toys for free too.

Organ, soft toys & my flip flops!

Whether you're living in Dubai or just visiting for a few months, do try visiting the market. 'Like' their Facebook page for regular updates on upcoming events --->


Head straight to their website to know more --->

Happy marketing!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rebecca Black is Back!

The original title of this post was supposed to be "Whatever Happened to Rebecca Black?". We all remember this 16 year old from the "hit" single "Friday" and then later there was "My Moment" and some others a lot of us (admit it, you too) haven't really paid any attention to. That was only until she recently released a new cover video.

The young viral sensation, posted a cover of Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" to her YouTube channel last Friday. Sure it lacks any life-sized dolls or french fry skulls but it actually did sound good to me.

Haven't seen or heard it yet? Check it out here & figure out, is it Hot or Not?

Monday, July 08, 2013

Bombay Ice-Cream For Thee

Being in Dubai certainly has its perks but it still lacks the charm of Bombay. Of the many memorable things that I've left behind, cost-friendly ice-creams is one. At a corner restaurant aptly called City of Joy near Borivali station, you get two scoops of four different flavours in a hot waffle cone, all for Rs.30!

Sure we have the big and fancy Baskin Robbins, Pinkberry & blah blah! But try as it may, nothing here in Dubai compares to this delectable treat. Hopefully after all the Dubai summer heat is done, it won't be long before I'm back on Indian mud & gravel again. And once I'm home, this little creamy delight is on my 'eat list'!