Monday, December 17, 2012

Goa Again! Pre-Wedding Shopping

In the two years of dating my now hubby, we've never gone on a single trip to anywhere except the malls of Bombay. A few weeks before the wedding though, his mom, sis and we, hopped on a train and got off at the lovely little heaven, commonly known as Goa.
Clothes shopping and hogging at famous and not-so outlets and joints stole the show. Here are the ones that made it memorable.

Ever seen a store jam-packed over the weekend? In the heart of Panjim city lies a relatively affordable store called Mustafa's with outfits that could nearly match the fashions of Bombay. Everything from funky jackets that go great with just about anything or sharp skirts and blouses for the workplace to dainty little crochet shrugs and even dressy evening wear.

Shop here if the usual Goan souvenir clothes are too passé for you.

Café Bhonsle
A cozy breakfast spot not too far off from Mustafa's. Ask anyone once you're at Panjim market. Specialties were the saffron-infused  yellow breads/buns had with tea (Goans drink tea. All the time. In big mugs too). Just tell the waiter you want, "buns" (because the delicious yellow bread is the only kind of bun there is) and that's it! They serve the usual breakfasts too which cater to local and tourist tastes.

The buns make it worth everything.

I'm a ketchup bottle at Britto's!
Now here's a place I hear too much about by practically anyone who's visited Goa. Right by the Baga beach and riddled with sun-tanned Caucasian and hoity-toity Indian tourists; it serves amazing masala mussels and even rawa fried mussels!

Order for the connamon flavoured drink. Goes perfectly with steak and kidney pie.

If you're near Miramar beach ask anyone where's D'silva's. Best road-side pork chops for cheap, ever!

So those were a few of my favourite spots to hang out when in Goa. Would love to know what are yours in the comments below or tweet them to me at @fatterbrain on Twitter!