Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Goa - Travel Tales Between Calangute and Borim

September finally ended and dad and i drove to Goa (he drove, i slept); which is pretty much where I was for the most of October '12. He's got stuff to do here, and i can be put to good use as a coolie, cook and maid. Plus, the breezy weather at Calangute on the North side of Goa is a refreshing change from the hot and sticky Bombay.

What i did there?
1. My first week found me catching up with close friend (and hubby-to-be's best-man at the upcoming wedding ) Elton

2. Sight-seeing

3. Goan delights

4. Experimental cooking and more.

Heading out to Calangute? Head for...
1. Calangute beach. Beware of the excess of hawkers. Kinda filthy, but worth the sunset. Rides are expensive.
2. St. Alex Church. Stop over at the quaint little church for some restful peace and tranquility.
3. Calangute Beach and Beach Road Stalls: If you know how to bargain...SHOP!!!
4. Convenience Stores: Calangute is kind to the frequent traveller and you'll hardly find a need that isn't satisfied. Sure can burn a hole in your wallet though.
5. Local Restaurants: There's lots of authentic dishes to gorge on. Try everything you can while you're here.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Little Trinkets: Hello Kitty & Bart Simpson Earrings!

Train travelling in Bombay, is pretty horrible, in general. Then again, no matter how lousy, it isn't all that bad if you score a decent deal with any of the sales-girls on board.
Now if there's anything i really love, it's Hello Kitty. And a young girl, selling all sorts of trinkets in little boxes climbed aboard sold me exactly what i wanted! Aren't they simply adorable? :D
Few days later, on another trip i find similar earrings with bratty little Bart Simpson on them; simply had to have them too.
Each pair cost me Rs.20, which is a steal, especially for my favourite little brat. So what do you think...cute or not? Lemme know in the comments below. :)