Friday, July 29, 2011

Religious v/s Vegetarians

Can lead to severe aggression
I've come to the point where, when I meet with a pious  person I imagine them as crazy vegetarians (yes, a separate breed indeed). Plenty of vegetarians as peaceful as an olive twig though. More than what can be said for evangelists.
Anyway, I thought about it, compared it and brought to you a list of five of their similarities. Here you go. Enjoy!

Veggie Fanatic: Will tell you the benefits of consuming an overdose of protein.
Religious Freak: Attempt repeatedly to convince you that whatever path you're following in life, other than their own of course, is a big fat lie. Although not so much when its Hindus & Jews (explains my majorly Hindu circle).

Easily Offended
Veggie Fanatic: Might probably puke or nearly do so at the sight of your lamb roast. They might approve of the cranberry sauce though.
Religious Freak: Will find your reasons to add chocolate sauce on your partner and lick it off before marriage completely refutable...especially if your partner is of the same sex as your own.

Generic Outlook
Veggie Fanatic: Usually consider all meat-eaters aka non-vegetarians as uncivilized, murderous carnivores.
Religious Freak: If you're not a follower, you're an aimless fool waiting to be found (by the religious so they may break the very stronghold of your mind).

Right v/s Wrong
Both believe in the concepts of "right" and "wrong". They're "right" and you're "wrong".

Biased to Reason 
Veggie Fanatic: Refuse to follow balanced diets.
Religious Freak: Will ban anything that says they're wrong. No one should know of conspiracies least they believe.

p.s.: It is best to walk out of such arguments peacefully while still sustaining your beliefs.