Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is Like That

whatever you want it to be

This is dedicated to whoever understands.

Love isn't easy to explain. I don't really understand it. But I know what it feels like. You can tell the difference between its presence and its absence. That's more than enough to say that its real. Love is like that.

Its kind of like that feeling you get standing on the shore. You see the horizon and you know there's a lot more. You can't see past it but you know its out there. Love is like that.

I'm no scholar but from what I remember, the old Greek myths made the Earth seem flat. There was fear of death and misfortune on reaching the edge. Eventually it was learnt that the Earth was spherical and there was more to see past the edge. Love is like that.

There isn't any real end. You could make a whole trip round and make it back again and still find more to see. Each trip will teach you something new. Will show you something you didn't notice before. And it will never cease to do so. It goes on and on and on. Love is like that.

When the sea is enough you lie down to rest. When you look up into the night sky with its stars you see there's still more. The Earth is round but the universe is bigger. Love is like that.

When your first child's eyes open for the first time, it'll stare deep into yours. And you'll stare right back into them. And when s/he smiles you'll know the feeling is inexplicable. Love is like that.

Love's not just for someone special alone but for something bigger. Its when you can see yourself loving an entire family. Bringing up an entire other life besides your own. A new responsibility. A new life. A life with what you've had plus what you've wanted. To me...
Love is like that.

p.s.: Love is. Therefore it is. Happy Valentine's.