Friday, October 29, 2010

I Was Always This Way

 I had a strange childhood. I'm not sure how to beat around the bush with this so...

I have a few cupboards. Not many. Just for different things, is all. One of them is just for toys and board-games. I began with the board-games side and figured that there was little to get rid of. Being done with that I decided to get on with the toys section. Let me make mention of the fact that this side of the cupboard has pretty much remained untouched for about 12-13 years. I found something that should've worried my mother if she saw it. Something I should've clicked a photo of too if I wasn't so entranced by the sight and in a hurry to get it over with.

Art, yes?
I found Barbie, headless and nekkid. This at first seemed fine, until I see Ken sitting to the right of her just as nekkid with Barbie's head in his lap.If that wasn't enough, centimetres away lay little Kelly, just as unclothed with a little string tied like a noose around her neck. What was really captivating were their happy plastic smiles. I stared at the sight for a while, trying to remember why I might've left them in that (intriguing) condition. Rummaging among other toys I found other dolls. They seemed normal at first. A closer look said that some of their heads (had interesting haircuts and) were exchanged,(all female). One of them even had it's legs removed and had a bad fix-up with chicken wire. It felt like I was in a movie made while on shrooms.

Trying to find reason for my behaviour seemed futile, so I  gave up.

p.s.: I wonder if I tried exchanging Barbie's head with Ken's. If I didn't, I wonder why.