Friday, April 09, 2010

Share Not

"Precious notes do not belong in the hands of the unworthy." -Me

At the Saturday Evening Mass a skit is played out by 10 year olds for the congregation:

Kid1: (to Kid2) Hey, could I have your notes?
Kid2: (to Kid1) We'll see about that later. (to Kid3 once Kid1 walks out of scene) I don't want her to get high marks the way we do. Let's not share our notes with her.
Kid3: (to Kid2) I agree, let's not.

The Priest said that the other two students didn't want to give away notes due to selfishness and that...(...the gospel).
But selfishness isn't what it really was.

10 Reasons Why Kid1 Didn't Get Notes:
1. Irregular student.
2. Not really a student.
3. Forgot to ask again later.
4. Kids2&3 don't like Kid1.
5. Gay/Lesbian/Dork/Wimp.
6. Kids2&3 are conceited bitches.
7. Slept with relative of Kid2/3/both.
8. Did something terribly evil to Kid2/3/both.
9. AIDS.
10. Slept with Kids2/3/both sometime in the recent past and was a failure.

P.S.: All above reasons are very valid.