Monday, October 27, 2008

Cum Slut

(Little Tea Pot tune)

I'm a little cum slut
Six pegs & a pout;
This is my pussy,
And yes you're allowed. -4
When your dick is in there
Hear me shout.
Cum right in or
Cum in my mouth. -8

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Screw You

(To be sung in the same tune as Barney The Dinosaur's 'I Love You' rhyme)

I screw you;
You screw me;
We're one screwed up family. -3
With a great big screw,
Up your ass from me to you;
Wont you say you'll screw me too. -6

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Three Truths Of The Moment

Sitting at 3am in front of the PC screen typing out the usual content for the media I work for, I found one of those stupid tricky questions again. I'm not supposed to type out dumb answers no matter how dumb the question may seem. Even if the question is dumb I'm supposed to pretend that it's perfect sense. The horror!!!

The above is merely an excerpt of the random rantings to myself when I'm working instead of sleeping. Strangely though the three truths have nothing to do with my rant. I just thought I'd mention what else I was doing at the time.

But for the moment the following truths are what you believe in regardless if you've already realised it or prefer to deny it. DO NOT confuse them as truths of life because your life keeps evolving and it just won't stick for every situation.

So now, just for the time being, while you're still sitting in front of the PC like the sleep deprived that you are, read the following and realise that...

1. You're alive because you're reading this.
2. You're literate because you're reading this.
3. You're not blind...yet.

P.S.: If you were to think about it, the author had just made you read through almost complete rubbish except for those three momentary truths.