Saturday, August 30, 2008

AC v/s DC College

Anyone who knows me knows that AC was my previous college and DC is my current college (my love) and would know that I suffer silently (as opposed to all those who suffer noisily) much due to this change. People do happen to be boring (like myself) because people's emotional or mental wavelengths differ but here's why my previous and new college are so unalike.

Girls: Most of AC girls were (are) brain-dead (dumb blondes if you may). All they ever talked about was the latest in fashion and babbled about the 'hottest' boy or bitched about some random "innocent" girl. Attire was erm...fine (on freak blue moon days perhaps). And almost every girl looked anorexic most of the time. In AC you'd just be deemed a slut or cool or both even (cool slut?) for talking tabooed topics. You're either grunge or girly here (I learnt to play dumb).
Boys: AC boys weren't (aren't) Gladrags models (though some were upcomers). Like the girls, some were wannabes while others were wannabe-wannabes (of course the term exists). There isn't much you can say about them because if they weren't flirting they were away bunking with female flirts. Here the boys' favourite things were guitars, heavy metal, porn, "chicks" and sex (sequence might be off).

At DC the girls aren't all that open about closet stories and if you're a girl who has a dirty mouth (like mine) then you're bound to get tabooed too if you're not too careful. At least here the girls look like they eat food.
Boys: DC boys are a little different. They actually have a method to their madness some of them. Sure, they flirt too (all normal humans do) but some of them can be way more romantic about it. It's either that, or they're really perverted (you wouldn't believe the encounters here).

The difference between the two colleges? One of them is setting me up for my career (else I wouldn't be in it) while the other made me feel like a deadbeat (though it has potential).

I suffer because at AC I was so much more free to hug those of the same sex or the opposite without people getting wrong ideas. Couples thronged the campus and PDA was allowed to a liberal extent. In DC you're either a porn watcher (porcher) or a "good guy/girl".

Sure, I've to hold my tongue, no talking casually with the guys or girls else the word slut would have two different meanings in the minds of the two major genders (eunuchs would come other the minority). But I love DC and frankly, I'll just have to live with this.

P.S.: For all those who know not of the names of the colleges before mentioned...go figure!
For those of you who do...good for you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slip Offs

No, this has nothing to do with language. No slip-of-the-tongue stories here. No grammer lessons for now.

It's all about which plastic/rubber flip-flops to avoid. Now we all love flip-flops. They're all nice and flip-floppy and are real comfy for general use as footwear. They come in assorted types and colours not to mention materials. They're perfect for the rains too...or are they?

No, not all rain flip-flops are fun in the rain. You've got to be careful. If there's one kind of rain slippers that you need to avoid, it's the plastic-rubber kind. Why? Because besides being real easy to slip your feet in it's just as easy for 'em to slip back out...while walking. Yes, these oddities manage to allow your feet to slip right out since they have no support strip at the back either.

The best example of these kind would be the 'BATA & I' slippers available in all Bata stores. If you still wish to enjoy these really cute slippers you'll need to purchase a pair one size larger than your actual feet size. Won't help much but things might be more comfortable.

P.S.: It can be very annoying when your slipper slips off your foot while walking.
More so when you've got mucky puddles all over and you're in a hurry.
Worse when other people notice and smirk away.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lights Out!

You know, there is actually a disadvantage of having the lights go out when you're at home. It's very annoying really. Unless you're stuck with this really cute guy/girl who's willing to consent (yes, I've got a very wandering mind) you can be assured that stuck in the dark all alone is bad. Here's what can happen in the dark when home alone and the lights go out and your looking for the light.

1. When things go bump in the night: You know why things go bump in the night sometimes? In such cases it's because some other family member/room mate probably crashed themselves into something. Strangely the same can happen to you too if you try walking in the dark. If you happen to trip over the carpet end or rug or knock over a few stools while stubbing your toe at the same time you'll know why things go bump in the night. Yes, it's you making all that noise!

2. Blind man's bluff: This is such a nice game to play when you're with friends. Friends who (provided are not freak-brained enough to not tell you when you're about to bang into a wall) will obviously tell you that you're going the wrong way. When the lights go out the game gets a lot more tougher. You're bound to make plenty bumps in the night. True some places are well lit with natural light even in dark times but there are places that can be pitch dark. Beware!

3. Closed doors: This is something else you'll need to be vary of. Always know which doors in your house are often open and which are often closed. If bedroom doors are usually left closed be sure that you don't rush into a closed door, it might give you a head/foot ache. Also if your toilet/bathroom doors remain open make sure you don't walk in and slip on any un-mopped water on the slippery floor.

4. The light at the end of the tunnel: The reason why you're walking about in the dark like a barking blind idiot in the first place is because you're looking for a candle and lighter or torch or cell phone or whatever else might be convenient (and if you didn't realise this in the first place you're madder than me). Before you go about like a madman it's important that you know where the items needed are to begin with. Don't just randomly ramble about. That's just stupid.

P.S.: Yes, the author has been a blind bat and managed to ram right into doors, trip over stools and had her damned phone tucked in her pocket all the time. Talk about idiocy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Farmer

A farmer is more interested in the hard work which is farming out in the sun daily. He is concerned with the money he'll make in order to provide decent meals for his family and himself. Being out in the sun for so long makes his skin more tanned than it is making it appear darker considering that natural Indian skin is already tanned. But the farmer doesn't care. This is his routine. His duty comes first.

We in our fantastically super-clean lifestyles are not at all interested in being out in the sun for more than five minutes. We'd all rather be in a properly air conditioned room so much so that it feels like winter while there's sweltering heat outside. We're greedy for our salaries to provide for our ever hungry stomachs that delicious chocolate cake which we'd rather not share. We use every possible face wash, scrub besides creams, lotions, powders just so that we appear white enough or clean enough, whichever first. We care. This is our routine. Providing ourselves with luxury is our duty.

Neither of us would like to exchange lives. We are creatures of habit. The farmer hates to be idle. We love being our lazy, relaxed selves.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Scarred From Afar

But you see, he wanted to do more
Firmly I had to say "no"
To me he wouldn't listen
He said,"With you I want to sin." -4

We did at least three reps
I thought, "How adventurous of me"
I ignored the cautionary steps
Damn! how wanton of me! -8

But I wanted to join him;
I wanted to be his bin,
I asked if he could
Grow for me some wood. -12

My soul experienced it from afar.
I saw me being scarred.
Since there was little I could do,
I just watched my self move. -16