Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogger's Boredom

I doubt this is the opposite of what "Writer's Block" is or what I'd rather call in this case, "Blogger's Block" but it's definitely an experience writers/blogsters* must have had to endure at some point of their life. It's those annoying moments when you have too many articles in front of you all prepared to be posted as and when needed under the scheduled section. Furthermore, drafts of twice as many articles are already waiting to be typed out and edited in Notepad (or where ever else) too; so there's no chance of a shortage of articles. This unfortunately can create boredom for the blessed writer/blogster. There comes a point when even the blogster is too bored to bother with creating more topics to be typed out or type out any even.

Once the blogster realises that s/he has reached this stage s/he must figure out something else to kill boredom with. The initial reason for blogging was to kill boredom/stress/frustration.
So now what does the poor unsuspecting blogster who has been infected with "Blogger's Boredom" do?
Sure, s/he can go out, have a blast, etc but what happens when the bloggster decides that blogging isn't just as fun as all the other stuff s/he did in the meantime?
What will happen to the readers?

P.S.: This is the part when you readers will have to answer those questions for the author. She didn't intend for them to be rhetorical you know!

*Blogster sounds way more better than blogger; plus it rhymes with monster and it sounds so way more uber cooler there!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hat Phone Cat Cake

I walked in the store;
And there it sat,
The thing I came for
The yellow straw hat. -4

It shimmered and shone.
All in black.
For how long I've wanted a phone;
No more had I to hold back. -8

It was so adorable!
My mum finally agreed;
I couldn't believe it was possible,
Yet there the kitty sat looking at me. -12

It looked soft and tender;
I wanted to sink my teeth into it,
Kids of all gender
Envied my cake, cream bit by cream bit. -16

He wore his hat,
He picked up the phone,
Her kitten leaped out of the sack,
Her cake was her very own. -20

He had a shade from the sun,
He had some one to listen,
She had a companion,
Gluttony was finally not a sin. -24

A straw hat and a fancy phone;
A cute cat and a cake,
A day of no sad groans and moans,
How happy were they all made. -28

Four different people;
Four different wants satisfied;
Four strangers thrilled;
Four cravings died. -32

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Love My Job

I love my job. It's way more better than the job that I did last year, plus there are a lot less restrictions. Here's more or less what my previous job was like and note the subtle differences between the two.

Previous Office Conditions:

1.Breaks: Only two tea breaks, ten minutes each. Not more than twenty-five minutes on your dinner break (it was an afternoon shift). No eating while working. Loo breaks were taken in plenty.

2. Communication: Phone's have to be switched off. No random surfing on the internet while working; all sites 'cept for the ones needed for use were blocked any which ways. No newspapers or magazines allowed. No talking while working (we were being monitored from the overhead CCTVs).

3. Pets: Cockroach heads found once in a blue moon in the coffee cup; you'd find them roaming about every once in a while. Rats roam freely among the cable wires if you're paying attention to your surroundings, dead ones too.

4. Shift Timings: An eight to nine hour job that extends up to eleven hours plus three hours travelling time. Rs.200 is taken out of your salary for travelling expenses (drop to home at night) besides the everyday Rs.12 bus fare . (I thoroughly disliked this one).

5. Food: Idlis tasted more like paper and juices were adulterated so much that you're not sure what exactly you ordered in the first place.

6. Colleagues: Zombies! and nothing more. Practically everyone knew very little about anything at all and gossip mongers thronged the place at all hours of the day. An "attitude problem" prevailed amongst all the zombie colleagues. Back biting was the core of life for most "agents".

My Current Office Conditions:

As many as you want, as long as you please, keeping in mind how much you've to do/left to do per day. Lunch breaks can extend upto fourty-five minutes. Phone breaks can extend upto fifteen minutes.

2. Communication: Talk on the phone when you like,leave it on ringer, blab incessantly if you must. Talk to your neighbour. Eat with your neighbour. GTalk with your neighbour. Laugh like you've lost all sanity...etc.

3. Pets: Bunty and Babli (do I know them from somewhere else?). Two skinny brown strays live in the buidling premises. They're lovable and are fed when we can.

4. Shift Timings: From 7a.m till 3p.m. Technically it's from 7:30a.m, we're allowed a half hour margin (we can walk in at 8a.m if we like too). Travelling is easy and there's very little loss. We leave pretty much before time if not exactly on time.

5. Food: You can order from out, eat nothing, snack, whatever you like. But what's really nice is that when we sit to eat we sit round a table in the office kitchen and eat our fill of homemade or ordered out food...with the boss (where else do you have that?).

6. Colleagues: This one is amazing. Everyone at the office is nice to you. There's no teamleader and therefore more equality. You can talk your heart out with them. They've got more than half a brain which is more than what can be said about most of my previous job colleagues and half my college class combined. They've got a better sense of humour. They're all pretty much elder to me but they definitely have better qualifications and are amazing to talk to, each and every one of them.

Now you know why I love this job more. Get jell!

P.S.: If you still can't see why I love this job more than I detested my previous job then my love must be blinding you sightless.

I'm also paid more.