Tuesday, September 25, 2007

5 Minutes Of Silence, Please

This is meant for the dead, as you might have already guessed anyways.
Very recently my country won a match with another neighboring (opponent) country which caused the sky to fill up with lights, my dreams with noise and the air with deathly smoke. Oh the joy!
May I also make note that a close friend suffocated and died of that very smoke yesteryear. I've hated smoke creating crackers before but it's horrid to be reminded of it. I sit here writing this in memory of all who suffered while the country rejoiced the win of a game. A game if lost, the team members' houses would've been burnt down to ashes. This is the height of loyalty their fans have for them. It's probably one of the reasons they're happy they won.
Understand that I'm not against the game. I'm not against having fun either. Do so. I won't mind. But stop creating havoc and misery in other people's lives at the same time. It hurts.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The letter 'R'

'R'. That letter of the alphabet. It's as good as invisible. It's inaudible when I speak. My voice has no trace of the 'rrrr' sound at all. And the funny thing was that I didn't even realize this till I pronounced the word 'door' as 'doe'. "Good googamooga", I thought. I can't pronounce 'r'. I even pronounce the very letter as 'aah'.
Anyways below is a list of a few words which when without the sound of 'r' is how I normally sound written on the right. The correct pronunication are parts in bold which are to be stressed.

car = cah
electricity = electicitie
enclosure = encloshoe
opportunity = oppethiunity
more = moe
heart = haath

So therefore I'm a student of english grammer which I'm successfully horid at. Coincidently I was studying various phonetics which is probably how this really came to my attention.
It's odd though, I do pronounce my 'r's perfectly well when I've got to speak French.
At least now I know why when I was working and taking calls, my manager always thought I had an American accent instead of an English/British one.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bunking In College - Proper Progression

I made it to the degree college but could not bring to shame the one's who rarely studied or came to class since they somehow passed the supposedly difficult exams anyways. (those dirty, sneaky rats!!!) I therefore learnt that no matter how few lectures of class you missed you still managed to make it through and get enrolled in the next level of learning. It's dumb and unfair for the fittest (yes, I'm horribly vain) who truly work hard to get where we are. I'm now forced to believe that each one is equally endowed with a variety of qualities and is capable of passing the exams (damn the bribed and the bribing who force me to think so).
Anyways, I've vented enough of my feelings about random nonsense. I've progressed with bunking. I've managed to enter the blacklist at least once (I'm so proud of me!). The second time I failed (with utter disgrace) to do so. It didn't matter though. It felt kinda nice. The method of placing students in blacklists have changed too. Instead of 'how many days a student has been absent', it's changed to 'how many lectures the student has remained absent'. Don't get the wrong message though. I'm still keeping up with all the notes. I never ended up in the circis by the way.
Well, the point is that I've become a better bunker and I'm still a good girl (whatever that is).

p.s.: All are equal, but some are more equal than others. (Yes, I've read too much of Animal Farm)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Love's Truly Eternal Bliss

Monday morning started
With a plane in the sky;
And there he stood
Just waiting to die.
He had gambled a lot,
In his previous life. -6
To be murdered this time,
By the blade of a knife.
Once more he did make,
The same mistake.
Gambled with his life;
And put it at stake. -12

His fair sweet maiden;
Stood at his side,
Kissed him for the last time,
Knowing she'll never be his bride.
She didn't weep,
She showed no sorrow, -18
Her depest emotions;
The crowd gathered should never know.
Let them all watch,
Her sweet lover's horrid death;
The pain she'll endure,
Their hearts will have never felt. -24

Her lover's opponent arrived;
He vowed to finish him off.
It didn't matter how,
He was never a man known to be soft.
He had his little pistol,
In his right pocket; -30
And he's always waited,
For the right time to use it.
So this was the time;
He would use it on him.
So he took it out of his pocket,
And gave a horrid mirth filled grin. -36

But the pretty maiden didn't leave;
Her sweet lover's side.
She just stood by him,
As his opponent aimed high.
He pulled the trigger.
He didn't care. -42
She moved in closer to her lover.
And death they did share.
The bullet had shot through her heart,
And embedded itself in his;
So together they shared
Love's truely eternal bliss.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I Had a Bee

I had a bee.
It had a habit,
It kept staring at me. -3
I didn't like it.
So I set it's soul free,
When I tore it apart. -6
And now I have a flea.
It tried to get smart,
I made sure it didn't flee,
Shot it with a dart. -10
Now m bored and cranky.
I play with a glass shard.
I can blame only me. -13