Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jack n' Jill

Jack n Jill went up the hill;
To have a bit of fun,
Stupid Jill forgot her pill,
And so they had a son. -4

Jill screamed!
Jack didn't halt;
And this was how they
Had a nine month default... -8

She files a case against Jack;
Saying it was a rape.
But in reality,
Jack forgot the duct tape... -12

He says Jill lied;
She's responsible;
Since she's the one;
Who forgot the pill... 16

They do a DNA test.
Jack's not the father.
Now they find out,
It's Jill's next door neighbour... -20

Case closed!
Jack goes free.
Jill and the neighbour;
Live ever after happily... -24

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Excuse yourself!!!

Excuse me please,
I've never asked for your
You've invaded my
Privacy. -5
You've disturbed
My aura.
Took over my space,
And stolen
My dignity. -10

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Try This....

I know this is nothing like what I'd normally write about but it was something that made sense and was reasonably logical so I thought I'd write about it. This is for those people who pray and for those who don't have the time to do so. I don't pray but this might come to use for others who do.
I didn't think this up. I saw my brother do it. He'll get something and he'll mumble a soft thanks. I ignored it at first but then I asked him what he was doing. He told me that instead of saying prayers like they were mathematical tables he just says the word thanks when he gets something. It could be anything from a meal or anything he appreciates.
I don't really follow his advise but i found it better than most options to quick prayers. It's perfect!! Just say a thanks n that's it, nothing more. Nobody's asking for a litany or anything just one word, just a thanks.
It's so simple. Kill your pride before you do it. Say thanks. Try it.
Thanks for saying thanks for those who did.
Thanks for reading till the end for those who didn't.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm A Drunk When I'm A Fool

Yes, I know that the title sounds like it shouldn't be like that. It sounds like it should be the other way around. Something like 'I'm a fool when I'm drunk'. But no, thats not what I'm trying to say. The title is perfectly fine.
For some reason I tend to act like a fool all the time. But people don't call me a fool. They ask me if I'm drunk instead. And the weird thing is that when they say that I've probably not had any kind of alcohol for a good many months too. So I kind of figured how to describe my foolish state. And that would be that I am a drunk when I'm a fool. Now that I've explained that I'm not sure what to call myself when I'm actually drunk. If I'm drunk when I'm foolish......I must be foolish when I'm drunk I guess. Perfect!!! I'm a drunk when I'm a fool and foolish when I'm drunk.
So now I think it's alright to conclude that I'm perpetually drunk and foolish. Wow!!! this is news for me. I'm a fool to have not thought of this before and also a drunk for that matter. I must also be some kind of genius to have thought this up all by myself.

Conclusion: Author is a foolish drunk of a genius!!!

p.s.: Author was NOT drunk when she wrote this.

I Am Jobless!!!!

O.K., I know, this is the most dumbest thing to say.....I'm, freeeeeeeeeeee......
I'm jobless...

And I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!!!

I don't miss the back-biting-gossip mongers at work.
I don't miss the perverts.
I don't miss the really bad cockroach coffees.
Or the very furry rats.

I can see the sun for more than an hour.
I can sleep in peace,
I get to go back to college again. I love college.

I can write again!!!!!!!!!

p.s.: The author just expressed her happiness....feel free to join in. :)