Monday, June 04, 2007

Leave Her Alone

She is evil. She has no heart. She has no soul. She is selfish. She cares for none.
The world could be dying in front of her eyes but she wouldn't give a care. She'll just walk past their rotting bodies. She'll seem very sweet and nice but she'll never really come to your aid when you need her. In fact she'd probably get you into the very trouble you've been able to dodge for so long so well. She's been a disgusting mongrel...everyone knows about it!!! A piece of shit she is.
Stop caring for her. You'll suffer for it. Her very existence should be erased from history.
Don't bother about her. Never be worried about her. Her heart is nothing but a cold block of ice, when it melts she is a heartless beast.
Don't touch her. Don't love her. Keep away.
She doesn't need anyone.
She doesn't want anyone.
Leave her alone.
The freak will be fine. She deserves to be alone.
Let her rot by herself.
Leave her to die.
Unloved. ME.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Joy Of Being Jobless

I'm a working teen. I'm earning for reasons I can't remember considering that most people work for free I guess. If you're being underpaid you're working for free. Not a topic I should elaborate on.
I took an off from work once just to meet up with a couple of friends and couldn't have been more glad than ever to do something really fun like that, considering that 'fun' is an element very much absent from my day-to-day needs a better attendance record.
We didn't go into outer-space or roam the amazon or anything of the sort. It was a plain and simple meet with all the chatter needed to kill boredom for decades and more. But the best part was that I actually forgot that I went to office the day previous and that there was office the day after. What really felt weird was that I even forgot which pair of jeans I was wearing. I was that carefree. It felt great......awwwsomme in fact. For the first time in three months I felt jobless. It felt good to be jobless, like I could've gone out like that everyday.
At the end of the day I was actually tired and sleepy instead of bored and weary. I think I had walked for more than an hour that day too. I even ate good home cooked food at one of my friends' place. Was so satisfying to my poor nourishment-starved tummy.
For once, when I got home at about 10 something that night I decided to go straight to sleep instead of coming online and wasting a good 4-5 hours in front of the PC instead of in dreamland.
Man!..... how I want to be jobless again!!!!!

p.s.: I should change my wants into needs...