Monday, May 07, 2007

Prostitution Legalized

What if prostitution was would it change people really?? Would it really improve things for anyone? Or would we just plunge into hell a lot earlier than we imagined...?(men first preferably). Imagine it being made easier to get a prosie at any time of day.....or night for that matter. There would be a fixed price for certain types of women. The better the looks, the 'experience', height, size of breasts (almost forgot about this one), etc...the higher the price. The girls would get 80% of the pay the clients offer. It would be a very flourishing business is what I think.
The pimps would be females as well...old haggards that too....picture sagging, scaly, irregular pigmented skin all over with warts and bushy eyebrows without any teeth but lots of frizzy hair on their heads and eyes that pop out every random minute along with alternate twitches in each eye and neither colors of either irises matching. Oh wait...I'm supposed to be discussing about legal prostitution rather than how would the pimps might look like. Right, as I was saying.........
And from then on many jobless females would have jobs which are really highly paid and those who did it in hiding would be able to 'perform' with some pride. Girls could get to make their own choice as to whether or not they want to do prostitution or go for the other various jobs available. The legal age would be 21 for any female to be a prostitute.
The girls would even be educated at the same time, education would be compulsory for all prossies without which they would be rejected. There would be different shifts to go along with their study timings. Those who worked at night studied during the day and vice versa. There would be a special course on sex education as well, aids awareness, importance of using a condom and the use of the emergency 'pill'. They would even be given lessons on defense tactics to use when any guy tries to get smart with them. Exams would be oral/physical first and when they pass those they go on to the written ones. Lots of colorful pictures would be in their text books too.
Sure, society would take time to adjust to it at first but those who really want to get into it won't be deterred by them. If society had a problem they could always move to another planet, I'm sure nobody would mind that. Besides, it's more of as what the girl wants, not what anyone else wants. And besides, it would be completely legal and perfectly normal just like any other job would be.
But, just like any other business, there would definitely be some or the other type of illegal stuff going on in the background...but thats normal I guess and either which ways the price for anything illegal in this business would be the death penalty....for both, men and women!!! This would be how the legal system will have worked then....for the protection of women.
Now if only someone would actually get this idea into reality the world would be sooooo much a better place!!

p.s.: Anyone interested in my theory please do fund it and help to make it happen for real. If you're a girl you'd get 40% of the total profit.
Come join today...change the future...change the world!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


I attended some function recently. I can't remember why I went but I did anyways. It was nice to be somewhere other than where I usually am (which is usually at home or on a window ledge getting some solace from reality) considering the fact I'm not a very outgoing person. The change was pleasant, very soothing really. I wore my favorite short black skirt topped with a 3/4 sleeved, v-necked turquoise blouse. I decided to dress pretty since I practically had no choice and it's not like I can go in a crumpled top with an equally crumpled pair of jeans for a formal function....although if they'd have let me I most gladly would. I was mingling about I came across some friend whose name I didn't really remember...I'm sure I did that for a good reason..can't remember right if it should matter...back to story!!!
As normal formality goes you're supposed to hug the other person as a form of greeting. Now just as it so happened, this female was wearing a backless halter....backless!!! No, I'm not against the 'costume' she was wearing, I just had a slight problem with it...verrrry slight!! As I moved in to hug her I felt her bare back and then i just abruptly withdrew. And just then the only thing that ran through my mind!!! Sweaty, moist, bare skin!!!! And the worst part was that my thoughts showed on my face because her immediate reaction was to feel her back, probably wondering what might've made me to react like that. I could've laughed so hysterically that moment, luckily I was still in my senses then.
Well as things would've worked out I told her that there was a bug on her shoulder and flicked away an imaginary bug off her shoulder......(phew!!) We made small talk, I met a few other people and then I ran away from the place the first chance I got. Public places have weird people in them.....especially females...(ooooh the irony!!!)

Note to self: Don't touch bare skin unless you're wearing a pair of disposable formal gloves (I wonder if such a thing exists)
..... and don't ever wear backless...unless your back remains moist-free.

Friday, May 04, 2007

How The Brain Of A Very Foolish Girl Functions

I can be a complete idiot sometimes. No doubt there. But there are are times when I do the most dumbest things in the world that it shocks me as well. What's really sad is that I actually fought with myself about it but sadly the damage was already done and there was nothing I could to to repair it. I'm my own downfall...
I had joined a call center. Things were as crappy as they always were. It was manageable. Untill one day some guy decided to try hitting on me. Of course, he wasn't really very successful at it which was a good thing for me. But things got out of hand then. People would think that me and the other guy were carrying on (dating each other). I frankly didn't want to be linked with anybody from the office.
Weeks later as I continued working at the office, news got out that I supposedly said that I wanted to quit because of this guy which, might I add, was absolutely false and one of the most stupidest rumors I had ever heard of. Sheesh!!!! Can't people live without pissing on someone else's name???!
The guy obviously got pissed...who wouldn't??? I wont blame him, he had full right to be. So to correct it I decided to do one of the dumbest things I've ever let myself do. (How I want to shoot myself for it now). When he finally had the guts to ask me about the situation I told him that whatever he heard was true. I then told him to think of me as the office bitch and be glad that he'll never be associated with me especially once I'm gone. I could've choked and cried there and then...I've no clue as to how I held back. What kind of person bitches about herself???
And that was that. Now he probably hates me. But it's not like I really care. It's better this way. He'll be glad for it years from today. True, I hate myself for it. I just pissed on my own name...IDIOT!!! I can only hope that the girl I confided in doesn't tell him the truth just because she feels sorry for him. That'll just ruin things for me...actually it'll fix things but I'd rather things remain broken. Yes, I'm crazy and foolish....(feel free to add other more insulting adjectives to that list)
I've screwed with myself.

p.s.: This author is a complete brain-dead creature. If there's anyone out there who can cure her of her madness please, do help her, before she's sent to the nearest Mental Asylum. Have a care!!!