Thursday, April 19, 2007

Since One Month

I've worked in a call center for a month now. I've learnt nothing new really but the experience has shown me life outside my house and community. I'm a tolerant person, it takes more than bitching to piss me off. Even the bitch at work has feelings....she is human, no different than what I am. Even the supposedly sweetest person at work can be just as cunning as a fox. My manager can see and hear the abuse we give him when he's not around from the camera in the wall but he doesn't lash out at us, why? 'cause he puts himself in our shoes that's why!
I learnt that the guy who's being nice to you doesn't want to be friends with you...he wants to get elsewhere with you. He first makes you feel safe with him and then he goes for the kill once you're snuggly wrapped round his little finger.
The girl who's manner of performance you'd like to copy may be the most stubborn and illogical person on the floor. And the girl who acts really bitchy may have even more sense at times when it concerns other peoples' wellbeing.
People will only come to you for help so long as they're profiting from it, so it would be wise to conceal your future plans from potential spoilsports and jealousy-pots.
I've also learnt that trying to remove the bad perception towards you that people have can and will be futile. If people really wanted to know you they would ask you and not the rest of the floor who obviously knows nothing of you. And it shouldn't really matter if you're not planning on remaining in the same job forever.
Fortunately for me this is just just the beginning, things are easy for me. People are nicer, later they won't. I will be devoured by the same animals who call themselves my friends.
The only things that kept me going are the sweet memories of the people I love. I knew that no matter what happened that day my real friends are my solace and my comfort....always.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Seek Ye Attention

We all like attention. Some of us may say we don't, but we all do. Which is probably what society is there give us that much needed attention as is the same with school and other such institutions.
There are those who practically crave for it, like they were weaned off it from childhood (or maybe there are other reasons for it). But they still like doing or saying things just to see the aftermath of what they say and do.
There are times when I feel like that I should get as much attention as the popular kids or rather the attention seekers as I'd prefer to call them. But then I figure it's so much better to be the one who's watching and learning from afar. I like being unnoticed most of the time. I dislike the fuss anyone makes about me. I really dislike the attention.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate attention seekers. There's no reason to (unless what they do gets me into a rut and I'm left holding a bag then I might get a little bit pissy). It's really interesting to watch what all they'd do to get attention from you..then you can laugh at them when you're not really supposed to (behind their back of course). It's sort of a learning experience. Learn from other peoples' mistakes...profit from their loss.
But I still would rather be with a minimum of just one friend at a time. Makes things less confusing. And it lets me get to know the person more intimately.
Things can be so much meaningful when you're left alone with yourself. Like your giving nobody but you the attention you need. Know you better. I find it very relaxing really. The solitude is always stress relieving. I like the solace I get from it.
Seek attention which gets you your results.....otherwise why else would you bother?! Seek ye attention!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Star Prayer

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
May thy appearance never be marred.
Shine thy most pure and precious light,
Upon those with no spiritual sight.
That they may see what the common can't see,
Then tell me about it when I'm fast asleep. - 6