Monday, March 26, 2007

He, She & It

She was from here. He was from there. She wanted someone. He just happened to to like her. She agreed to his proposal after long annoying and tiresome discussions. He was not deterred by any of Her decisions. She wanted to change her mind. She felt trapped. She felt she was sold. She decided to go along, after all it was her decision too making her partly responsible.
The deal was on. They decided to take it further. He and She met. He was reserved. She was shy. So, things were awkward between him and her.
Then He told her about something. Something was a problem. Neither He nor She could stop something. Something would bring them to their end. He wanted something. She won't stop him from achieving something. Something was his dream. Something was their end.
Then It came . It was nice. She loved being with It. It met her before He did. She knew him before she knew It. She was with It longer. She felt like herself with It. She now wanted It. She knew He and her wouldn't work out. But She also knows It's not right either. She and It are too far apart. A far-fetched idea never to occur.
Now She's confused. She'll make her decision soon. She won't be happy. But She'll be doing no wrong. She and It will never happen. He is going to leave. He won't be deterred by her decision. He'll be expecting it.
Soon all will be over. There will be only She. There will be no He with She neither will there be She with It. She will be alone but She won't be lonely. She is strong.

-The End

p.s.: The characters portrayed in this blog post are not at all fictional. Any resemblance to them is definitely not coincidental.

p.s.2: Those who know the story will please kindly keep it to yourselves. If you wish to talk to me about, feel free to do so. If you need to gossip about it make sure I don't find out.

Friday, March 23, 2007

New Viewpoint

I've never got such a good chance in my life. I've always wondered how the mind of a b****y girl works. And now for once I've gotten the chance.
It's not much really. She's not b****y enough, but she's the first girl all the other fellow workers agree to being a b**** that I've befriended. And I've noted all the things I've found about her. I wont disclose her name since I don't want her to get famous through my blog.

So here goes....
1. She knows how to insult.
2. Is taken aback when I insult her too.
3. Makes fun of anyone who can't stand up to her.
4. Gossips about everyone who tried to hit, touch, speak to her boyfriend.
5. Fumbles with insults when is insulted back.
6. Pretends to be pious Catholic.
7. Hogs all the attention....and hates to share it.
8. Has a problem with porn(???)
9.Does things, says things, wears things that would get her the most attention.
10. Over protective of boyfriend.
11. Insecure.
12. Loud.
13. Is nice when your nice to her.

I am soooooo... mean to say all this. But hey, I need to categorize people too. We all do it. Don't judge me for what we all judge.

Take Me To The Hills

Take me to the hills. I've never wanted to go and live on a hill far far away from the city like I do right now. I want to live there all by myself. The weather will be cool. I wont need to wear any clothes ('cept for what's necessary). I want to stare at the night sky. Stare at the stars. Fall asleep anywhere on the soft sweet smelling grass.

p.s.: I need a vacation.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hold My Hand.....Lead Me On

I feel too tired of life. I can't take so much responsibility of me anymore. I want to be young again. I can't bear growing old. It's too stressful. Please...someone, anyone hold my hand. I want support. I need it. I'm emotionally and physically weak. Let's add 'mentally' to that list as well. Life's no fun. It's no fun at all.
I hate my life. It's too much. I don't want it anymore. I can't see what I can do here. There's nothing to do. I want to cry. I want to stop time, just for a little while.
I hate to walk on this road for so long all alone. I want somebody. Take me along with you. Lead me on. I want to feel your presence with me always. Sit beside me, always. Be my gaurdian angel.
I have no strength to go on. Please someone if you can help me. I want to fall down on the road and not have walk any farther than where I am.
Please, I'm begging you. I know I want to leave this place but I think it would be better if you assisted me, leaded me, showed me the way. A little voice and touch of security telling me, "Don't stop. Keep walking. You're going somewhere. I love you.", squeezing my hand each time I want to cry.
Don't leave me.

p.s.: Don't worry about the author. She'll get over it within time. She's fine.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

And We Studied For What Again???

I was sent to college to study. So what was she sent for??? I thought girls were smarter than this. Ok, I'm bragging. I know I'm not any better then most girls. For all I know I'm probably worse. So here's an ironic incident....
We had our sociology paper. We learn about national integration and what are the factors detrimental to it. We learn to be tolerant to the various customs of different cultures and religions provided it doesn't affect our lives.Now our center was a Muslim college. This means there were Muslims all over the place. The girls had to lift the cloth covering their faces to drink water. My friend then said the most stupid statement I've ever heard, "I hate Muslims."" Why...", I asked. And she said it was because they had to drink in a funny way. Dear God!!! Of all the dumbest reasons! Why can't we just be a little bit tolerant. I'm sure other religions wonder why Catholics put ash on their foreheads on ash Wednesday too!! Leave people least for petty things.
Another incident....My friends and I were going home when one of us was flaring up for no reason at someone else. So I uttered 'displacement' which is one of the various defense mechanisms for our egos that we had learned in psychology. I was just defining the situation, not making fun. If anything I was trying to make the screaming bull to shut up by making her understand what she was doing.
So I want to know why we were made to study all this when we don't really want to use the knowledge?! Just to mug up and get marks I suppose. What else??? Why put them in college to begin with?? There are plenty others who would love to study. Give them a chance to warm the benches for a reason. The parks are there for the rest of the people who don't want to learn.