Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Picnic At Khorfakkan Beach

Going by June's titles so far, it's safe to say nature and travel has been the theme of the month. No fancy restaurant dining, or enclosed spaces. Nothing but greens and blues all around, deep breaths of fresh air, this time with a hint of salt.

For our most recent escapade, we headed straight for Fujairah's Khorfakkan beach, one sunny afternoon. Being a weekday, there weren't many people around either, leaving the view pretty much undisturbed. Like our recent trip to Fujairah, the drive was long and the mountain ranges along the way were great company too. Perfect kind of getaway for couples looking out to escape the city and work reminders.

Unlike our previous trip, this time we did a little pre-preparation to make it more interesting. Planning a picnic for two is easy, especially when you're both adults. Just ensure you have enough food an water and some memorable conversations.

For lunch, we went old school. No boring packets of crisps or sodas. The one thing we really loved about picnics when we were kids were the sandwiches. And that's precisely what we carried along. Spicy chutney sandwiches are the best! Just add boiled and spiced meats along and you're done. We even carried a few boiled eggs. Can't go wrong with those. And to quench our thirst, there was plain old water. While we didn't carry fresh juices with us this time, it's definitely on the list for our next trip.

Choosing a picnic spot was real easy. There's plenty of soft grass all over and the trees make it easy to pick out the shady spots. Picnic tables are equally distributed too. We chose to bring along an old bed sheet and just get comfortable on the ground.

With so much of our time spent on smartphones, tablets, and the sort, we figured we ought to leave those distractions out for the day. Only work mails were allowed. There was no checking of social media timelines because that would't make it a fun picnic. Besides, the internet could never compare to a calming view of the beach, the cries of seagulls and crashing waves around you. Bliss.

A deck of cards or a frisbee would've been great if we carried them along to pass the time. Instead, we made do with pens and spare notebooks to play 'Name Place Animal Thing'. Anyone who's been to school in Bombay has probably spent many a hilariously educational hour, or three, playing that game.

Before we knew it, the sun was starting to set and we had to pack up our things back into the car. The beach was in the opposite direction of the sunset so we got no view of that before leaving. We were so busy being goofy, playing games, and generally having such a good time together that we'd have missed it anyway. Can't wait for more of this!

City life is great. Makes days like these so much more beautiful.


  1. sounds like an awesome place Flo :-)

  2. Wonderful picnic trip. I liked the green lawn.

    1. Was a really lovely one, yes. Very thick grass indeed. Gives a lush effect.

  3. I hope you will keep on submitting new articles or blog posts & thank you for sharing your great experience with us.


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