Friday, June 12, 2015

Park Essentials For An Enjoyable Read

Sundays in Bombay were all about catching up on a good book or preparing for exams at the little joggers' park about five minutes away from home. After you walk along the joggers' path, a quarter of the way in and straight across the gate was my favourite place. On the way were floral plant specimens with display boards spelling out their names in English, Hindi and Marathi.

At the end and to your right, you would find a small partially enclosed corner with a single row of five or six, wide marble tables with matching benches. Sort of the kind you might find in a cool, dusty library. My favourite was the last one because it was right at the back, in the corner by the high outer wall of the park. A partial wall partitioned the spot from the jogging area giving you a view of the people and the netted sports playground to the left of the jogging footpath. Boys in shorts playing football is all you'd see there. And against the high park, the wall by the benches was surrounded by greenery. Was always just great to take it all in before going for the books.

On a good evening, the only people you would find were the quiet, studious kind. An unfortunate evening would include gossiping aunties and teens, though if you're an expert reader or student, you'd have mastered the art of tuning people and noise out by now. All of this made it the perfect reading spot.

Since moving to Dubai, there hasn't been a park anywhere near me with benches accompanied by tables. There is a nice park close-by and walkways by the beaches, of course. Sadly though, they all come with regular benches, which isn't all that bad i suppose. Can't be too picky when you're in a city like Dubai.

Needed for a good read
Trusty bag
I have my own favourite shoulder bag (pictured above.) It's dainty, light and durable enough for me to carry around my e-reader. Space is the tricky bit since you might want to carry some other items, but it's better to keep it to a minimum.

Meet my e-reader
Your e-reader should be your one and only sidekick for days when you just need to get away from people, their vehicles and other noisy things. Ideal for when you require much needed peace and me-time.

Behold the darling of my bedside (other than my ring-bearer*.) Of course it's a Barnes and Noble Nook. Certainly isn't a Kindle. It's not that I mind reading out of regular dead-tree print books, occasionally i do; though, lugging them around just isn't my cup of tea.

Status badge
This isn't necessary, for obvious reasons. But it can be useful for warding off any unwelcome folk passing by who think it might be a good idea to make casual conversation and ask you out to coffee. Because duh, that's not why you're at the park. All that sort of engagement is for book stores and coffee shops. Anyone asking you for the time and then going away after you've provided the required information is acceptable. Exceptions can be made for a good conversationalist or a cat.

Cats are always a welcome distraction, as petting one would most likely bring you good luck on your future adventures.

Should you need to make emergency calls, you'd require to have a fully-charged phone at hand. Though that's hardly ever the problem, it's usually around so one can snap a nice and meaningful paragraph off a page. There's always a good quote you want to remember.

A bonus reading tip--- switch off your internet data so annoying notifications do not plague the peace.

*ring-bearer - my beloved husband


  1. My Kindle is better than your Nook!

  2. My Kindle is better than your Nook!


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