Monday, June 22, 2015

Nature Trip: Dubai Butterfly Garden

Staycations can be tricky. Dubai is doubtless, a great city because there's always another novelty to check out. Butterflies surviving the Dubai heat? Now, this needed investigation! It's not like you get to see delicate insects freely roaming about, everyday. And especially when you're an expat from Bombay, you crave for patches of nature. So Dubai Butterfly Garden made the list.

The experience isn't anything like Dubai's Miracle Garden, with flowers blooming beneath the shining sun. Instead, you'll find them fluttering about in temperature controlled spaces and not out in the open air.

So off we went to see the butterflies in their makeshift home. The entrance to the domes includes a gallery of colourful butterfly art that is aesthetically arranged and quite eye-catching. The ambience in the domes is mildly humid and cool with plenty of chirpy sounds to make it feel as realistic as possible. Guides along the way will tell you about the common species and teach you how to get a butterfly to perch on your hand or fingers. Don't try to pinch their wings and catch them though, else you'll injure the little critters.

The butterfly garden is on the way to Dubai Miracle Garden, so you can see the two together. There is a separate gate for either of the two locations if you aren't up for them both. Though, do phone in advance as the flower garden is seasonal and is usually closed for the summer due to the extreme weather conditions. Admit for one is AED 50 and if you have kids, they visit for free.

Below is a video taken at dome one. Plus, bonus video of the butterfly art gallery. Enjoy!

About 12,000 species of butterflies imported from the Philippines, Columbia and Costa Rica here. Three air-conditioned...
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  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to come see the little critters! - Anthea

    1. Oh I'm sure you get to see plenty there. It's the heat here. So they have to literally create a whole special conditioned home for them.

  2. I made butterflies sit on my fingers!! Very nice place.


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