Monday, April 27, 2015

13 Confessions Of A Depressed Mind

1. We're crying softly at night into pillows and sheets, in ladies' rooms and at unexpected times.
2. We're afraid of how our depression will affect you or someone directly related to us so we might not open up.
3. Going outside is the second most hardest thing to do.
4. Getting out of bed is the hardest thing to do.
5. Sometimes we don't want to open the door when the doorbell rings. We don't want to see new faces much. We might not answer calls or reply to messages for similar reasons.
6. When we cry it's hard to stop, and usually we haven't much of a clue about what's causing the waterworks. It might be a side-effect of certain medications, but not everyone is that lucky. 
7. We don't want to burden you with our problems. We're certain you won't understand. You're not emotionally equipped for this. We know.
8. Not all of us can afford treatment. So we learn to cope and find distractions. Sometimes self-help is all we've got. That's life, we deal with what we've been dealt.
9. When we fail at committing suicide, sometimes we're too afraid to give it another go, in case we fail again. Other times, we find strength in wanting to live for family or loved ones. On some rare occasions, we tell ourselves that we're meant to survive. We might not try it again till the next tsunami of depression comes along.
10. There are times when we can rationalise our feelings and understand that there's something amiss in the mind, but we're also crying while this is happening; it is both, very annoying and terribly confusing.
11. "What is wrong with me?", asked every depressed soul, ever. Really, you could quote us on that;, and it's our favorite question everyday. Maybe the answer is related to the meaning of life.
12. Of course we want a hug, but we're not going to just ask you for one. Or maybe we're tired of asking and gave up. Although, when we do get a really genuine hug we're very grateful and cherish the hug and the hugger.
13. People who are acquainted with us think we're smart, funny, teeming with potential, and assume they've got us all figured out. You're all Jon Snow!

This post is the second of three on Depression; read the first.


  1. Ha ha ha! seems like talking abt me..

    1. Yea, relatable to anyone practically. Will be sure to check out your blog. :-)

  2. very accurate those 13 confessions and well written, as usually :) did you consider they might be different, mind depression and soul depression?

    1. I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe you'd like to elaborate on that.


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