Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mangalorean Seafood at Canara Restaurant, Dubai

What do Goans eat when they want a change from their own cuisine? Mangalorean or Kerela cuisine of course! Okay, not really, though these states really know their seafood and need for coconut as a prominent ingredient in practically every dish. You just cannot have a curry without coconut in it or fried fish minus semolina. Really, you just don't.

And so, lunch at the quaint and cozy little Canara restaurant was a perfect choice. With the restaurant's coconut-infused Mangalorean cuisine we knew we wouldn't be disappointed.

Rice, Curries and Fish
The first on our list of dishes to order included some plain boiled rice. While it does takes a little extra cooking time, it is comparatively healthy (thanks to a bit of bran left on the rice grains) than your usual white rice options like Tilda's Basmati.

And what goes great with rice? Fish curries accompanied by lots more fish on the side! Our curry dish was a mildly spicy prawn curry with ivy gourd. Side dishes included shellfish prepared in a spicy mixture with bits of coconut and sauteed squids. But the piece de resistance were the semolina-fried Bombay duck. Do note that a Bombay Duck isn't a an actual duck but rather, a fish.

Vegetables and Chutney
The black chickpeas served with coconut and sliced ivy gourd made for a great side dish while the grated and spiced coconut went well with everything else. It's coconut. You just do not say no to coconut!

What foodies would be most interested to know is that this joint will not burn a hole in your pocket (bad pun?). About Dhs. 110 for all of the above made it a very satisfying meal for two.

Canara restaurant is a popular choice for Goans, Mangaloreans and anyone from the south of India, and is located behind the Iranian School in Al Karama, Dubai. Interested in a visit? Know more about Canara restaurant menu and prices on Zomato.

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