Saturday, May 17, 2014

Caturday Special - Say Hello to Koko Knut the Cat

Introducing, the very cute, Koko Knut!

Lucky us! Our friends adopted a cat and appointed as godparents, me and hubby. As unexciting this may seem to the average Joe and Jane, cat lovers around the world alone will understand the joy and honour that comes with hearing such exciting news. Here is the story of Koko Knut.

Koko the cat was found scurrying about and dodging vehicles on a mildly busy street before being rescued by Pats. Koko is now a registered kitten about six to eight weeks old and will be micro-chipped (as per UAE Municipality requirements) soon. She is being well fed, gets a lot of attention at home and has not broken stuff or destroyed any upholstery so far.

On our first visit to see Koko we got her her own mini scratching pad. She's already got a few toy mice to play with so will take some time getting used to her new toy. As godparents to this very adorable cat we fully intend to visit as often as we can. These events might even be included as part of some weekly Caturday specials on the blog.

Happy Caturday! 

Live in the UAE and want to adopt a cat? You can learn about how to register your pet and other valuable information for you and your cat here.

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