Tuesday, February 25, 2014

4 Lessons To Learn From Flappy Bird

The last two weeks were filled with Flappy Bird this and Flappy Bird that it probably drove a lot of people crazy. Apart from the fact that Flappy Bird is a ridiculously easy and difficult game, there certainly are valuable lessons you can learn from playing this or other game for that matter.

4. Life is a series of obstacles

Like you did not know that already. But like a lot of games obstacles are going to keep coming at you all the time because that is just how life works. With Flappy Bird you can at least see obstacles coming your way. That happens in life everyday too. One minute you are walking along the pavement just minding your own business probably checking Twitter and Facebook for updates on your phone and the next, boom, you face-bump into a lamp post. It's not that your eyes were closed, you just weren't paying enough attention. And that's why your bird hit one of those green pipes while playing Flappy Bird.

3. You are going to die
Probably not right now, but definitely eventually unless you are immortal. Each time a bird dies during Flappy Bird, it should remind you that one of those obstacles in plain sight are going to be the cause of death and sickness is just as much an obstacle as is old age. Other obstacles include stress and depression and here is where you get a second chance. A chance to...

2. Start over again
Some things are not permanent. We often don't realise it, but starting from scratch means you can do something better than before. That's what Flappy Bird is all about. You die, you come back from the dead and try to get farther than before. And that's how you beat some of those obstacles. You get right back up and try harder to stay alive for longer.

1. De-stress
But the most important lesson you can take home from Flappy Bird is that you need to take life calmly. Anyone who manages to wrap up Flappy Bird with a score higher than 60 will tell you that their highest scores were achieved mostly when they were in a relaxed state of mind. So when things get frustratingly hard at times, you are better off solving your problems with a clear head. Breathe in, breathe out, live.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Heads Up Bloggers! Brands Perfect Style Event

Bloggers of Dubai are invited for an evening of style lessons and more at the Brands' Perfect Style Event on Thursday, 27th of February at 6:30 pm.If you are an avid fashion and style blogger or just plain interested in rubbing shoulders with fellow bloggers of your kind, the Perfect Style event is where you ought to be. Plus, free entry and a tee.

You'll get to meet the semi-finalists and watch winners being selected from the 'Brands Model Search Contest', collect valuable tips on perfecting looks and get featured on the Brands website too. Also, prizes to be won!

Four Guest speakers will be there at the event to share their professional advice on topics related to fashion.
  • Wietske van de Weele Former director Tommy Hilfinger Netherlands.
  • Ellen Hamid Former owner of a baby shop, present Yacht broker and professional sailor
  • Abid Hamid Business development manager at SThree Group (an international specialist recruitment business) Clothes are very important for work environment.
  • Nicolette Pouw ( Former manager of CH, Lacoste)

To know more enlarge the first image included in this post.

To get an invite email your T-shirt size with confirmation of attendance to veronique@brandsco.com.

Location is at

Mazaya Centre, Sheikh Zayad Road, Dubai, UAE.

Tweet to me at @epicgrammatic if you're planning on going. See you there!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Orange is The New Black

Bright and tangy colours will definitely be creeping into everyone's wardrobes all through spring. They'll start by being all shades of pastel and then as summer sets in you'll get your neons coupled with spiked accessories to match.

A recent shoe shopping trip ensured that each pair i bought had a hint of orange in it already. Thinking of adding a helping of the fiery colour to your everyday outfits and accessories? Here's how you can rock a few neons by the time summer decides to ruin the weather for all of Dubai.

[See How Neons Fared In Summer 2013]

Accessories can include but will certainly not be limited to bracelets, headbands, rings, scarves, phone covers, shoes, sunglasses and bags.

Strappy, metallic and studded. These are the three kinds of embellishments you will need to keep in mind while you choose your accessories.

Skip the pearly hues. Neons are all about being bold. Go wild with neon nail shades.

If neon is your thing then dodge prints and either colour-block or wear shades as a solid colour.

Match our neon ensemble with white, gold, black and creams or beige.

Got any bright ideas to wear neon this summer? Tweet them at @epicgrammatic

ote: Shoes pictured here and other great choices can be found at Payless, Mirdiff CityCentre, Dubai.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Goodbye Flappy Bird, Wasted Hours

After downloading Flappy Bird on my LG G2 and my HP Slatebook x2 (found it easier to play on the 10.1" screen), it took me somewhere around two whole days to make it through 105 of those green pipes before I decided to give up. Two hours later, a pressurised Flappy Bird's creator, Dong Nguyen decides it's time to take it down because of its increasing popularity. Oh well, so much for that.

Flappy Bird is a simple game for your Android or iOS phone that involves tapping your finger/thumb on the screen to keep a very serious-looking bird airborne long enough without letting it fly into a pipe and falling to the ground. You get the feeling the scenery is an imitation of Mario, but it has its originality. A different colour bird flies in after each "death" and often the scenery alternates between night and day. Signing in to Google+ via the app lets you share your score with friends too.

The trick to playing Flappy Bird is through short bursts of consistent tapping on the screen to make the bird fly up or down through the pipes without getting hit, falling to the ground or both. Your score number tells you the number of pipes you managed to fly though successfully. Survival of the bird depends on your finger/thumb, so try not to let your bird fly into pipes or fall on its face.

Flappy Bird became popular because of how easy it is to get addicted to the game. Plus, you fall flat on the ground so quickly, you just can't help playing all over again.

My High score reached 105 before deciding to give up the game. How far did you get with Flappy Bird?

Update: Flappy Bird is once more available on the Google Play store for the world to waste more time.

Get Noticed! 9 Gifts For Your Valentine

Your gifting skills needs a makeover when it comes to great gifts for your Valentine. Cheap perfumes, chocolates, movie tickets and watches are all a big fat bore and so horribly cliché that they must be left behind for dead. Got money in the bank for some serious gifting? If yes, please try one of these non-sexist gifts that are sure to get you noticed.


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Easily Achievable

10. Kinde or Nook
Got a partner that loves to read and is always running out of space on their shelves? Amazon Kindle or a Barnes and Noble Nook should do just fine. Both use e-ink technology to make reading seem more book-like and last for about a month or two on a single charge depending on your daily usage. If buying a brand new one is not feasible, you could always go ahead and buy a second-hand piece on Ebay.

9. A catNow really, whoever heard of a cat's purr that couldn't sooth a troubled soul? Nobody. This is why you ought to get one for him/her. Case closed.

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8. Box of Books
By now you must know his or her tastes in book genres. Find out, if you have not already. Borrow or use an old carton box that has been lying around in your loft or basement. Neatly arrange book titles you know they are sure to love. Now wrap it up in fancy wrapping paper if you must and you are good to go.

7. Cards from The Oatmeal
In case you are not already a fan, you should visit The Oatmeal right now! While you are there, buy one of these awesome cards and gift them to your loved one any time of the year.

Dare to Overspend
6. Travel/Adventure challenge
“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” - Rumi
Take the adventurous travel challenge and discover love like never before. Taste new dishes, trek up a few hills or live in luxury in as many of the best hotels in the world. Whichever way you choose to make it happen, the memories will make it worth everything.

5. Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast is the perfect gift idea for a TV-junkie. The wireless stick plugs into the back of a TV's HDMI port for easy video-streaming from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO Go, among others. Sit back, order in and slip out of those pajamas. Warning: May lead to much cuddling on the couch.

4. Dream job
Got contacts like nobody else? Be the lucky ticket s/he has been craving for to kickstart their career. Consider it your good deed for the month/year/lifetime.

3. A library
No matter what people tell you, there is no such thing as being too obsessed with books. While ebooks are cool, dead-tree print still has not gone out of fashion. A gignormous library filled with history, art and literature from long ago will put a smile on anyone's face.

2. That one-wheeled electric motorcycle
The microcycle has a single 25-inch motorcycle tire and reaches speeds up to 10 mph. It even uses a combination of gyroscope sensors and accelerometers to balance itself. How's that for a great gift?

The Perfect Gift
1. The world.
World domination is quite possibly everyone's ultimate dream. If  obtaining planet Earth is a little out of reach, think outside the box. Try out other planets from neighbouring solar systems. There are always other worlds to conquer. The best part is that the world will come packaged with you, primarily, and everything else inside it.

Happy Valentine's!

Think this article has missed out on a few ideas? Share yours in the comments below.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

"Doctor Who" Sale At Mall Of The Emirates

Doctor Who merchandise is up for grabs for every Whovian in Dubai at the Lakeland store in Mall of The Emirates.

Throwing a little Doctor Who party just got easier and far less messier than having to buy substitute materials to create your own set of cakes or chocolates. Want own some cool Doctor Who collectibles to make your Whovian friends jealous? Allons-Y already! Stock is limited, so you had better hurry on over to the Lakeland store at Mall of The Emirates to grab your Doctor Who goodies before any Cybermen or Daleks hold them ransom. Or worse, other Whovians buy them all before you even make it to the store.

Available Goodies
Party Gear
Coffee mugs
Cake, chocolate and ice moulds
Cookie jars

Directions and Contact Information
Near a metro station? Hop on a metro and get off at the MOE metro station on the Red Line.
Want to confirm stock availability? Call up the store on +971 43236081.

About Lakeland
Based in Mall of the Emirates and Mirdif City Center, Lakeland is to keen cooks and foodies what Crosswords is to book and comic nerds. Expect nothing less than top-of-the-range kitchen accessories and gadgets, designed to save time and money in the kitchen.

Note: Doctor Who merchandise is unavailable at the Lakeland store at Mirdiff City Centre. Interested Whovians must head straight to the Mall of The Emirates, Dubai.