Sunday, June 23, 2013

Camel Humps & Bumps - Dubai Fashion Trend

Fashion stepped up to new heights here in sunny Dubai. Dubbed simply as the 'Camel Hump', women are adding extra volume to hair underneath their headscarves. Quirky as it looks it definitely gives a more elegantly royal feel.

A more sophisticated version of the Camel Hump 'do

The Regular Look
 But it makes you wonder, how heavy are those things on their heads? Are they easy to balance and carry off without making your head go all wobbly? A fairly fashionable lady on the local metro helped clear my doubts. She says, "Once you get the hang of it, the style is pretty easy to carry and not at all heavy. In fact it helps you keep your head straight at all times. Most (of us) just make use of pouf-y hairnets stuffed with cloth to create a more fuller bulge." So now we know!


The look probably originated to help hold in place headscarves that are required to cover the neck and part of the head. The hair-raising ‘do also happens to draw similarities to the signature ‘Beehive 'do worn by the late Amy Winehouse and the famed Snooki pouf.

So is this look trendy enough to try out with a scarf? I certainly think so! Let me know if you do too in the comments below or tweet me at @fatterbrain on Twitter!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elvis Tribute By Shaky Russell in Dubai

African Elvis tribute performer, Shaky Russell, rocked 'n' rolled into Dubai for a spectacular Elvis Forever event, bringing The King to the Middle East at the Madinat Theatre from Wednesday June 5.

Donning ill-fitting jumpsuits and lopsided lip-curls, Shaky Russel made it his mission to reinstate the image of the angel-voiced, rolling-hipped rockabilly. The King had 33 number one singles and recorded 76 albums during his solid 23-year stint.

Did you know?
According to predictions made in 2000 by The Naked Scientists, a group of pod-casting physicians and researchers from Cambridge University, by 2019 Elvis impersonators will make up a third of the world population. ‘There are now at least 85,000 Elvis impersonators around the world, compared to only 170 in 1957 when he died,’ say the group.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Indian Delights - Gulab Jamuns

Moving to Dubai meant that I had to share our flat with two bachelors besides my hubby and me for a few months. Since they moved out, the kitchen is all mine and I can finally practice & experiment with cooking.

This week's special just had to be Gulab Jamuns. They're these little sugar-soaked dumplings that taste absolutely divine when warm. Just as good when cold. To save time, I bought the powder mix packets you get at the stores. Just follow the instructions behind the box & in less than an hour you get mouth-watering delicacies for your sweet tooth!

 First you add a little milk to the powder from the packet and roll it into a complete ball. With ghee or unsalted butter on your palms roll the dough into little rounds. About 20 should do. Make sure the balls aren't too sticky & there are no cracks.

 Next, you heat up some of that ghee/unsalted butter or even oil will do. According to the size of your pan, heat the first 10 balls till they turn a little brown. Watch closely, they cook fast. Once done, get rid of the excess oil & drop them into warm sugar water.

For the sugar-water, heat about 470gms of sugar to 500ml of water till the liquid is clear. Leave the rounds in the liquid for at least 30 minutes to an hour to allow for soaking. The longer they're left to soak, the more they'll swell up. Voila! Your Gulab Jamuns are ready to eat!

Do you enjoy making little sweets & treats too? Tell me about your favourite & best recipes or Tweet me at @fatterbrain on Twitter and let's talk food!