Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chocolate - Crispy Minty Rounds

If there's anything I love doing, it's experimenting with chocolate. Chocolate eaten plain, is plain boring...enough said! Coupled with another ingredient though; like flavourings, essences and other edibles--that's what brings out the truly exquisite taste of chocolate.

I prefer to perform my cooking experiments late at night when there's nobody around to pinch and nibble at any of my precious ingredients...especially the chocolate. Can't blame them though. I find it hard to resist myself!

One of my favourites is the Crispy, Minty Rounds like in the pic below. An easy recipe if you're bored and have slabs of chocolate, spirits/liqueurs and biscuits just lying around.

Minty Moments
1. Simply temper chocolate over a medium flame, stir in a lump of buttery goodness once it's melted, and let it cool for a while. When using essences, peppermint is my usual pick; but if it's a special occasion, orange is the way to go! I also like to add brandy or rum for flavour. If I had any, I'd add Cointreau (a dee-licious orange flavoured liqueur) instead. [Note: On adding alchol like liqueurs or spirits, the composition of the melted chocolate will thicken making it easier to shape later]

2. Once that's done, crush some light 'n' crispy biscuits (flavoured/un-flavoured) into the mix to give it that extra crispiness with every bite. Now comes the tedious part; rolling out the mix into evenly sized rounds which is then left to harden in the freezer.

Labour of Love
3. Another batch of tempered chocolate + butter is required to roll out  the hardened rounds into. Spoon them onto an empty plate and leave to harden in the fridge again. With that over, you can just drop 'em into any container and store them in the fridge.
And there you go --delicate chocolate goodies to pop into your mouth whenever you fancy.
Tip: Cut into halves and add to a boring cup of plain ice-cream, or cake/muffins or anything else you like decorating with chocolate.

 Bite Me!

ps: If anyone's feeling a little generous, please courier me a bottle of Cointreau.